Discover the Amazing Benefits of Venetian Plaster Wall Finishes 

by amy perry Wednesday, April 06, 2011
Are you planning to redesign your home? Do you want to have a new interior design that will look stylish and elegant? But what if you have a relatively tight budget and you can not afford a full blown home renovation. The best option for you is to hire a professional artisan service that specializes on decorative wall painting. A skilled artist can create faux finish wall design using Venetian plaster. This type of finishing material offers amazing benefits for homeowners and building owners.

One of the biggest benefits that you can enjoy from Venetian plaster is its versatility. You can apply it to any type of new surface or pre-existing wall. Unlike other painting materials, the plaster can be safely used on wood, bricks, stones, tiles, cement boards, and drywall. Its versatile nature gives you more flexible options when it comes to interior home painting design. Apart from the versatility of plaster, it is also the easiest finishing treatment option for complex surfaces such as arch ways, columns, balusters, and uneven walls. Applying Venetian finish therefore would be more affordable because there is no need to renovate the walls. The artisan will simply apply the plaster and create a finish according to your specification.

Another excellent benefit of Venetian plaster is its durability. The most common issue with decorative painting is longevity. If you use substandard paint, your wall design could fade after several months. This will have an immediate impact on the aesthetic value of your home. Plaster however is a different kind of material. It is highly durable and can last for many years. When the plaster coating dries, it will be transformed into a rock-like material. The best part is that Venetian plaster has a unique flex when dried. It has the ability to withstand impact and slight movements. And if a crack occurs, you can easily repair it with small amount of plaster coating.

The exceptional durability of Venetian plaster makes it a practical option. Your investment on a new wall finish will last longer than other types of wall painting finishes. The bottom line is you can save money with plaster wall finish. Easier maintenance is also a key benefit that you can enjoy from plaster wall finish. Once it dries, cleaning the surface would be easy. There is also no need to regularly apply paint because the finishing material will have its own pigment. But if you want to change the color scheme of a room, you can easily apply a new coat of paint over the plaster finish.

Lastly, Venetian plaster is the greenest and the healthiest wall treatment option for you. Plaster has the ability to breath. This prevents moisture from accumulating inside the wall finish. Your home will be free from mildews and molds. This is the reason why plaster finishes are very suitable for bathrooms, kitchen, and outdoor patios. Because it is an environment friendly material for finishing walls and ceiling, you and your family will enjoy a healthier and cleaner home.

Resource Box: Discover the elegance and sophistication of Venetian plaster. Find the best artisan service that specializes on Venetian plaster faux finish and wall art painting to make your home more stylish and unique.

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