Weatherchem Offers Innovative Packaging Closures for Pet Food/Pet Care Market 

Weatherchem now offers one of the industry's most innovative closures for the pet food and pet care markets.

by JD Drake Monday, April 04, 2011
Weatherchem, creators of innovative dispensing closures, now offers one of the industry's most innovative closures for the pet food and pet care markets.

While many market segments suffered from the global economic downturn, the pet food and care market surprisingly did well during the last few years. Nevertheless, many consumers altered their shopping habits in terms of buying specific brands or generics. The result of this change of heart was intensified competition to differentiate both well-established and generic brands, through unique packaging. . As the sector begins to recover, Weatherchem is poised to ride the growth wave with its Flapper® dispensing closures, which provide the benefit of one-thumb opening, safety of re-closure, and product freshness.

Recent studies indicate that pet food packaging follows many of the same trends as human food packaging. Brand differentiation and package functionality enhancement all rate highly with consumers when making purchasing decisions for their pets. . As with humans, safety and security of the product is a high priority. Weatherchem's closures satisfy all the requirements consumers have. The Flapper cap (with one-thumb opening and re-closing) provides a safe and secure method of ensuring freshness. An audible ”snap” during the package’s re-closure gives consumers a piece of mind that the product will be safe and secure in their pantries.

Weatherchem’s closure offers solutions to pet food manufacturers to capitalize on major packaging trends driving the pet food industry:

• In many cases, the family dog, cat, or fish is no longer considered a pet. Instead, they're considered to be another family member that deserves premium quality care. Along with this trend comes the humanization of pets and the development of products such as pet daycare, bakeries, and cosmetics.

• The owners of these pets are going back to food and care products that are gourmet and top of the line. Packaging is a key quality indicator to consumers.

• Pet insurance and pet nutrition is a growing and vital part of the pet product market.

Weatherchem Corporation is an innovative manufacturer and marketer of convenient plastic dispensing closures and controlled access packaging. As the creators of the original Flapper dispensing closure, Weatherchem now offers one of the industry's most innovative closure product lines. In addition to Flapper these include: LiquiFlapper®, NutraFlapper®, NutraGen II™, FlapMate™ and Grinder NR™. Whether designing or selecting packaging for a new product or revamping the design of an existing product, Weatherchem has the closures that consumers love.

For more information about Weatherchem Corporation, please contact Anna Frolova-Levi in the Marketing Department at 330.425.4206 or e-mail Website:

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