Additional Online Scheduling Choices Now Available For Marietta Cosmetic Dentists 

Outstanding cosmetic dentists in Marietta, GA., Drs. Kirk Kimmerling and Alex Krempa have added additional online scheduling choices. Patients can now request appointments through the internet from a host of sites.

by Kirk Kimmerling DDS Sunday, March 20, 2011
Outstanding cosmetic dentists in Marietta, GA., Drs. Kirk Kimmerling and Alex Krempa have added additional online scheduling choices. Patients can now request appointments through the internet from a host of sites. They have been added to give internet savvy patients an opportunity to schedule with ease. It is now possible to request an appointment through their website, Facebook and Demandforce. All three choices make it easy to communicate with the office during or after hours. It is possible to request any type of appointment through all three. A Demandforce page designed with practice information and an Easy Scheduler is now available. Facebook and Verde Pointe's website also offers the capability. "It is our goal to make it as simple as possible for our patients to schedule an appointment with our office by whatever means is easiest for them," says the cosmetic dentists Marietta GA. "Some patients would rather not use the phone, and it is these people we wish to accommodate."

"Our website, Facebook and Demandforce help us keep up in tune with our patient's needs and see first-hand the comments and concerns they have about our office," says Dr. Kimmerling. They are very excited about the sites and technology. Their patients have begun using the technology to schedule in force recently. Verde Pointe Dental Associates have a large patient base and a strong following, and patients of all ages give them the thumbs up on the technology. It is convenient to set an appointment without using the phone and unnecessarily having to liaise with the staff.

Verde Pointe's website is currently designed, hosted and created by Officite, a web firm with internet solutions that is pro-patient. In addition to designing a premier website, the firm also added a blog to help keep patients informed on all that's new with Verde Pointe dental. The blog is updated at least once a week with good information concerning oral health and the dental practice. The blog automatically updates Facebook and Twitter with the interesting and fun articles. Patients say they are amazed at how interesting dental information can be.

The website and Facebook have a coupon online that new patients can use towards services. "It really helps pay the deductible and out-of-pocket towards any services needed," says Katherine Worsham, Insurance Administrator at Verde Pointe Dental.

Ease of scheduling a dental appointment in Marietta, GA is an important criteria for patients because of todays time challenges and hectic life schedules. Many patients are commenting in the office that they prefer to schedule online.

Dr. Kimmerling and Dr. Krempa are well-known cosmetic dentists in Marietta, GA. They not only provide excellent quality dental care, but also have staff of the same caliber. Drs. Kimmerling and Krempa are committed to providing quality gentle care to their patients in a modern office. It is a full-service practice providing a wide array of procedures from cosmetic dentistry, cleanings, teeth whitening, crowns, dental implants, veneers, root canal therapy, emergency services and other assorted cosmetic procedures. The award-winning doctors make scheduling much easier for the internet savvy. Their ability to offer new and innovative ways to schedule is all the better for the patient.

Kirk Kimmerling DDS is a cosmetic dentist in Marietta, Georgia (GA) at Verde Pointe Dental Associates. Dr. Kimmerling is extremely passionate about helping every patient reach their optimum dental health. Having practiced as a dentist in Marietta, Georgia (GA) for over 26 years, Dr. Kimmerling strives to provide the very best treatment in a secure, relaxing environment. While Dr. Kimmerling specializes in cosmetic dentistry, he runs a full-service practice that provides everything from routine cleanings to dental implants. He and the courteous staff at his state-of-the-art office are dedicated to helping patients achieve beautiful smiles and maintaining a lifetime of excellent dental health.  He has a full service practice from teeth cleanings and teeth whitening to dental veneers, implants, root canals, tooth colored fillings, periodontal, toothaches, extractions and more. For the top cosmetic dentist in Marietta, Georgia (GA), please call Kirk Kimmerling DDS at Verde Pointe Dental Associates, or visit the website for more information.

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