Catholic Husband asks Church to Vindicate Rights against Divorce 

by Martin Barillas Wednesday, March 24, 2010

March 24, 2010 -

A Catholic husband is using the Code of Canon Law in his attempt to reconcile his marriage after his wife sued for civil divorce. He filed petitions obtained from Mary's Advocates:

Vindicate Template Canon 915 Template Penal Action Template


His real name and Diocese shall not be disclosed. Mary's Advocates is a non-profit educational organization working to strengthen marriage.

The Petition asks the Church to vindicate this husband's rights (hereafter called Michael). "My children and I have a right to have a home with Mommy and Daddy living together." In his pleadings, Michael asks the Church to issue his wife a decree, specifying these rights. He asks that his wife be denied Holy Communion if she refuses to uphold her obligations, because she is in grave manifest sin.

After discovering Mary's Advocates' petitions, Michael says, "I thought this was the perfect template to ask the Church to hold my wife accountable. The Church says wedding vows are to be honored till death. Let's see the Church back that up."

The real reason his wife abandoned the marriage, Michael says, is that, "She believes the lie that you deserve to be happy. If you are not happy, you should get divorced." Michael is confident that he and his wife can have a good marriage. He would have asked his wife to attend a Retrouvaille [] weekend, that equips troubled couples with relationship tools to improve their marriage. However, he only learned about it after his wife had already sued for divorce.

Since breaking their family apart, Michael says his wife's justifications for her actions have changed. "First, I was accused of being a wife-beater; then, just verbally abusive; and now, she only says that it is not good for her emotionally to be around me."

His wife arranged to have him kicked out of the marital home, Michael explains, by falsely accusing him of being dangerous. Then, then she sued for divorce. His children (ages 10, 11 and 17) were emotionally traumatized by not seeing their father for over two months. Their ten-year-old son cried himself to sleep every night for over two months after being ripped away from Daddy.

When Michael finally saw his children, it was only because he "agreed" to his wife's offer to have supervised visitation in the courthouse for one hour a week. Even the court appointed visitation evaluator, whose report Michael will show anyone, said it is obvious that Michael is not dangerous and has a great relationship with his children.

Bai Macfarlane, founder of Mary's Advocates, says, "In no-fault divorce, normal parents who are reliable spouses are routinely ripped to shreds emotionally, intellectually, and even physically when their children are stolen. Divorce attorneys make the reliable spouse choose between not seeing their children at all or seeing them according to a heinous visitation schedule."

Michael says he lost forty-two pounds, couldn't function at work, was throwing up and defecating blood, and finally checked himself into the hospital for four days. Their family has spent over $75,000 in attorney fees. Catholics who follow Canon Law are not allowed to approach the divorce court without permission from the Bishop.

Other abandoned spouses should file similar petitions in their dioceses, he recommends. "There is strength in numbers, and the Church will listen to the masses. Their flock is crying out right now for a shepherd. There is a lack of leadership, and as a result the flock is suffering and lost."

Michael's wife appears to believe she's done nothing contrary to our Catholic Faith, observes Michael. If the Church instructed her that she cannot break apart their family while calling herself a good Catholic, Michael believes the Church could save his family.

"It would shake her up enough to rethink what she is doing. I'm asking the leadership to step up and call the lost sheep back. Go after her, and tell her 'Hey come back, this is your church, this is your family; you've bitten into the apple and there are lies in that apple.'"

Michael is pleading with the Church, "Don't just let her go. Don't we love her enough to go find her?"

* * *

Download Petition Templates, Microsoft Word:
Vindicate Rights -
Prevend scandal of Holy Communion for Grave Manifest Sinners -
Plea for Penal Sanctions -

Others are encouraged to notify Bai Macfarlane at when they submit Petitions to their own dioceses. Send 40-word summary explaining why you are following Michael's lead. Provide date Petitions are submitted and name diocese. When a number of Petioners have come forward, Mary's Advocates will publicize summaries, keeping the identity of the Petitioner anonymous, and show a separate list of dioceses to which Petitions have been submitted.

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