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by Tracy McCarter Monday, October 19, 2009
When you imagine Jesus, who do you see? For millions of people, the first image that comes to mind is the version they saw in a movie. Films about Jesus have been, at times, wooden and boring, with the actor portraying him as an aimless drifter. At other times, he’s a raving fanatic. Hollywood productions, in particular, have often featured a physically puny, helpless-looking Jesus. If Christians want to reach the next generation with the Gospel, we will have to do better than this. It’s time for a movie that captures the true character of Christ as revealed in Scripture—heroic, passionate, winsome, the Living God made man. The time is now, and the best part is you can be a part of the movement that brings that movie to the world.

Fifteen years ago, Bruce Marchiano was hired to play Jesus in the word-for-word dramatization of The Gospel According to Matthew. Marchiano’s portrayal shattered every stereotype. Reviewers often refer to him as “the happy Jesus,” whose passion, affection and love were a breath of fresh air to Christians and sparked the curiosity of countless seekers. During the making of the film, Marchiano witnessed firsthand the influence of investors’ visions for commercial success on the integrity of the gospel. He vowed that if he were ever calling the shots, he would make a Jesus film free from the conflict of the for-profit system. Little did he know that God would call him to fulfill that vow.

Fifteen years later, Marchiano’s God-given vision is being realized. Jesus...No Greater Love (see will be a word-by-word depiction of John’s gospel, and it will be a Jesus movie like none other. Marchiano is considering a reprise of the role of Jesus (“the happy Jesus” is a mere glimpse of what’s in store), and his passion for presenting the true character of Jesus will shape every facet of the film’s production.

The Gospel According to Matthew was made with a budget of only $800,000. Marchiano’s vision is to make Jesus...No Greater Love a world-class film for the next generation, one that will use all the new production techniques and cutting edge technology. The movie’s $45 million budget (a typical Hollywood production has a price tag of $100 million) will come from millions of producers, Christians all over the world who are part of the movement to bring Jesus...No Greater Love to the next generation. Marchiano is asking 4.5 million producers to give a tax deductable donation of $10 apiece in time for the scheduled beginning of production in March 2010.

Throughout the production process, producers will be invited to interact with Marchiano and the filmmakers about some details of filming, marketing and publicity, and they will play a crucial role in spreading the word about the new film. Jesus...No Greater Love is not just a bigger budget version of the same old Jesus movie. It’s the first movie to tie the events of Jesus’ human life to the greater Story—the prophecies fulfilled and the preview of things to come.

“In John’s gospel, there is a multi-level prophetic dynamic that goes beyond a man healing people and speaking in the temple courts and dying on a cross, and that has yet to be seen on film. This is the gospel through the eyes of Jesus, showing his human experience in the context of his kingdom knowledge. For example, when Jesus says, “I am the light of the world,” we will cut to the image of the pillar of fire leading the Israelites out of Egypt,” Marchiano says. “This is a film that crosses time and dimension. It is Jesus yesterday, today and forever.”

Though Jesus...No Greater Love will be released to movie theaters; the movement isn’t about generating commercial success. “Whenever Christian films get released, we hear all this hoopla about box office success, and we get all excited. This isn’t about the box office. It is about souls coming to Christ,” says Marchiano. “I envision millions of American youth watching this movie on iPods, cell phones, the internet, etc. But I also see this movie projected on an old bed sheet in an Indian leper colony. This is a movie produced by the body of Christ to reach the entire world for Christ.”

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