Drawing for Peace events organized by Ideami Studios begin around the world. 

These events highlight the value of art as a tool to bring people together, encouraging them to collaborate in building something larger than themselves, focusing on the joy of being creative and interacting with others while staying away from conflicts.

by Rieni Santoso Saturday, February 12, 2011
Imagine feeling the gentle breeze of dawn, smelling the fresh waves of the ocean, surrounded by the sounds of nature, friends and the amazing far away horizons of a beautiful beach. Imagine being there as you work in the sand with your friends, completely absorbed in each step and mark you make, with your mind free of any concern or frustration, feeling relaxed and happy as you enjoy the process of creating something much larger than yourself, in collaboration with other artists of life from a variety of cultures and backgrounds.

Drawing for peace is a series of art performance events organized by multidisciplinary artist Javier Ideami. These events highlight an important message, the value of art as a tool to bring people together, encouraging them to collaborate in building something larger than themselves, focusing on the joy of being creative and interacting with others while staying away from conflicts.
Drawing for Peace events consist of creating giant sand drawings at different beaches around the world. Participants have to work locally at different parts of the giant drawing while they maintain collaboration, cooperation and interaction with the rest of the team. They won't be able to see the final result until their job is done. This is usually a very magical moment, when the team can contemplate the final result that was born from their individual contributions, marks and steps that have over time generated the giant drawing.

Drawing in the sand is like drawing on the giant canvas of our lifetime. If we try to work alone and without caring for others or for the environment, the drawing will not be well defined neither deep and our actions will soon be washed away by the waves and the wind. If we collaborate with others, do our best to understand their perspectives, work hard to do our few marks as deep as possible in parallel to the rest of the team, and be respectful of those who share the canvas with us and of the environment itself, then the drawing we create together will be deep and meaningful and even though its surface will with time be washed away, its marks, being deep, will blend with the rest of the sand forever and influence the future of the canvas and of the next generation of artists of life in a positive way.

Drawing for peace is also therapeutical for our minds.

Our minds are constantly worrying about things, concerned about our past that is long gone and our future that is less predictable than we think. We are rarely here, now, at the present moment.
The analytical logical side of our minds dominates most of our waking hours.
Drawing together on the sand helps us to be there at the present moment. Surrounded by the serenity of the ocean and the sand, working slowly and deeply on the sand, our mind can enter a state of peace and tranquility, and return to the playful kid like state in which all our preoccupation is the next mark, the next step on the sand.
This way the analytical side of our minds and its playful contemplative side find their balance again. Both sides are important and necessary.

It is a special metaphore of life. In a short timespan, we get to create something much larger than us, and then we watch its surface dissapear in front of our eyes, as its deep layers remain in the sand, our hearts and our minds for a long time.

You can join one of our art performances on the sand or you can simply support our community and this universal cause by following our facebook and web page and keeping in touch with us.
We will keep you updated about our next art performances on the sand as well as about the other events and activities organized by Ideami.

Drawing for Peace is organized by Javier Ideami and Ideami Studios (www.ideami.com). Ideami Studios is a multidisciplinary creative studios that combines art and technology on innovative creative projects around the world. Some of Ideami's activities are: masterclasses and conferences about creativity, team building creative events for companies and groups, photography and film production and postproduction, museum installations, art & technology ventures, internet and tech projects and many other things. You can view ideami's web at www.ideami.com

You can view a video of one of the art performances on this link:

Hopefully all together we will be able to bring a little bit more peace and art to the beautiful world we live in.

Drawing for Peace
contact: javier ideami (organizer)
Email: ideami@gmail.com
Web: www.ideami.com
Web: www.drawingforpeace.com

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