Translation Excellence: A Leading Provider in Pashto Language Services 

The Pashto translators and interpreters are selected from a variety of applicants and are selected due to their advanced language skills and their deep understanding of the cultures and customs that are linked to the Pashto speaking communities in the United States.

by Nisar Nikzad Thursday, February 10, 2011
Translation Excellence, with headquarters located in Denver, Colorado, continues to be a leading provider in Pashto translation and Pashto interpretation services for the Pashto speaking communities throughout the United States.
Translation Excellence is a leader in the language industry and is comprised of professionals who are able to collectively provide services in over 135 different languages from around the world. The Pashto translations and interpretations that are provided by the certified Pashto translators and interpreters in Translation Excellence guarantee accuracy and excellence in each project that they work on. Customer satisfaction is the top priority for the company.
The Pashto translators and interpreters are selected from a variety of applicants and are selected due to their advanced language skills and their deep understanding of the cultures and customs that are linked to the Pashto speaking communities in the United States. The Pashto translators and interpreters who are affiliated with Translation Excellence go through constant rigorous training to ensure that their skills and abilities as language specialists remain at the highest level possible.
The Pashto language department at Translation Excellence specializes in various services that facilitate communication for the Pashto speaking community and other communities as well. In the translation department, Pashto translators are able to provide certified translations of legal documents such as marriage certificates, birth certificates, transcripts, wills, and more. These translated documents are guaranteed to be accepted by any government or immigration agency and upon being translated and certified by the professionals at Translation Excellence, will be valid representations of the information presented in the original document.
In the interpretation department, the Pashto interpreters are certified to offer language services in a variety of fields. Translation Excellence has both medical and legal interpreters on hand at any time for clients who are in need of those services. In addition to those essential services, the Pashto interpretation department has interpreters who are experts in various other fields as well who are guaranteed to provide top quality interpretations. The Pashto interpreters are certified to provide both consecutive and simultaneous interpretations as well as phone interpreting.
While the professionals at Translation Excellence are extremely dedicated to facilitating communication for individuals of the Pashto speaking communities across the nation, they are also available to provide translations and interpretations for businesses that are looking to expand their customer base. The Pashto department at Translation Excellence has extensive experience providing translations for business marketing materials, such as web site translation and localization, brochures, newsletters, and more. There are Pashto interpreters who are available to help business communicate and make themselves heard by the continuously growing Pashto speaking communities in the United States.
Translation Excellence is extremely dedicated to providing the highest quality of services and a pleasant customer experience for each client. When a client decides to make Translation Excellence their provider in language services, the client will be assigned a project manager who will guide the client through the process of selecting a Pashto translator and/or interpreter. Once the project is complete, the project manager will work with the client to ensure that the clients’ expectations were not only met but exceeded.
Certified Pashto translators and interpreters are located throughout the United States in order to provide Pashto language services to anyone who needs it. Translation Excellence is passionate about providing the highest quality language services available because they are dedicated to facilitating communication between two parties and two cultures. The professionals at Translation Excellence believe that once each community within the country has a voice and an opportunity to be heard, the nation will truly become the blend of cultures and a place of opportunity that the forefathers had envisioned when settling the country.
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