Financial Market Heat-Grid pinpoints next viral outbreak of bullish activity -- DragonKingInvestor on SkyScope Financial News Network 

Will Egypt hold down the Bull? Applying patented and proprietary insights from behavioral finance & network stability in human systems, Mr. Hoffman, the developer, * pinpoints Global Growth & Value hot-zones of viral information activity, set to reignite select commodity & equity markets.

by Efrem Hoffman Monday, January 31, 2011
Building on SkyScope Phynancial's (the definitive perspective of physics on finance) premiere series featrure, on super-anomalies of the marketplace,

as aired live from Midtown, Toronto, Canada, on January 19th, 2011,

the next episode broadcasts world-wide on February 1st, 2011 at 7:30PM ET:

Call-in # : 310 807 5178

Your host, Mr. Efrem Hoffman,

* zeroes in on SkyScope's financial Heat-Grid ;

showing you:

* an aerial view of where the next highest-conviction commitments of capital are being placed and unwound; as well as,

* the geographic centers of maximum impact.

Applying patented and proprietary insights from behavioral finance and network stability in human systems,

Mr. Hoffman, Director of Canadian parent company, Clear View Analytics Inc.,

* pinpoints the Global Growth and Value hot-zones of viral information

set to re-ignite interest in select commodity
and equity markets.

For an engaging experience, timed precisely to the next outburst of liquid market activity,

tune in live or on-demand for our media-grid coverage of both developing
and high-impact emerging Global-Macro themes:

Just-In-Time radio broadcasting on: ;

Zero-Latency market intelligence on:

Twitter under identifier, Global_macro ; or via

[ Note: underscore follows the word Global ];

Live rolling blogpost feed at DragonKingInvestor: .

For further biographical details of the host, Mr. Efrem Hoffman,

please link to his professional network profile at:

Also, by typing in Efrem Hoffman on your favorite search engine, you will find several links to many of today's most popular real-time news-feeds, that TAG his trend pieces and opinion-focused posts on select equity and commodity situations.

Disclaimer: The information contained herein is intended for research purposes only.

Additional Disclaimer Notice is available at: (see top of page)

Utilizing the mathematics of nature and quantum mechanics for analyzing price and volatility on a human scale, the host, Mr. Efrem Hoffman brings 14 years experience in expanding the frontier of behavioral market analysis. Each market insight is inspired by observing how the fragmented structure and inherent uncertainty of conventional market sources interfere with our perception of current conditions; yielding outbursts of market contagion and extreme price movement, which are translated into actionable strategy. Through leveraging this collaborative information resource across all asset classes and geographies, Mr. Hoffman is committed to discovering new vistas for not only flagging and exploiting upcoming and unusual market events, but also delivering wide-screen transparency of the complex social networks that influence and create financial fault-lines -- the divide between periods of prosperity and unstable regimes of extreme turbulence and decay.

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