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New Book Speaks to the Hearts of Singles and Young Adults

CHICAGO, IL, June 22, 2009 – Young and single adults make up the largest demographic within the Catholic Church. In the last decade, parishes and dioceses around the country have created offices specifically dedicated to reaching this demographic. From Bible studies to seminars on sexual morality, the Church recognizes the need to connect with singles and young adults through relationships and community.

Dr. Gary Chapman, one of the leading relationship experts and author of the newly released book, The Five Love Languages: Singles Edition, understands the pain of the single life and has developed a must-have resource to guide young adults and singles to develop skills that lead to loving and being loved. Dr. Chapman believes that when the need to feel loved is met, people are able to strive toward reaching their potential for God and for good in the world. “Married or single, young or old, every human has the emotional need to feel loved. When we feel unloved, we struggle just to survive,” says Chapman.

Young and single adult Catholics might not be running CCD programs or showing up for bingo, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t participating in the relationship opportunities offered through the Church. Today’s young adults are discussing theology at bars, volunteering at homeless shelters and food kitchens, getting together for Bible studies, attending retreats, and participating in social trips like camping, rock-climbing and skiing. A survey conducted a few years ago by the U.S. Bishops' Subcommittee on Youth and Young Adults shows that the most popular programs among young adults are those that involve relationship-building activities.

Dr. Chapman’s popular book for young adults, The Five Love Languages: Singles Edition, demonstrates that while the love languages are often considered within the context of marriage; single adults also have relationships that would be enriched by knowing how to communicate in a language the other person can receive. “Learning to use your own primary love language as a means of encouraging and loving others allows you to contribute meaningfully to the lives of the people around you,” says Chapman.

In the revised and updated edition of The Five Love Languages: Singles Edition (Northfield Publishing, $14.99), which has sold more than 250,000 copies, Dr. Chapman details the five love languages and provides examples of how each one is played out in a single or young adult’s life. From explaining why love is the key to all relationships to discovering one’s own love language and those of others, young adult readers will find guidance for their everyday relationships with parents, siblings, friends, classmates, roommates and co-workers, as well as their romantic relationships.

Gary Chapman is the author of The New York Times bestseller, The Five Love Languages. With more than 30 years of counseling experience, he has the uncanny ability to hold a mirror up to human behavior and show readers not just where they go wrong, but also how to grow and move forward. He is the host of the weekly one-hour radio program, “Building Relationships with Dr. Gary Chapman,” and has been a featured speaker at the Pentagon and the United Nations. He is a prolific writer and conference speaker and makes his home with his wife in North Carolina. Dr. Chapman is available for interviews. Please contact Ashley Walker at 678-990-9032 or to receive a copy of the book and to schedule an interview.


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