A call to revisit and return to God's original script for living 

Q&A with Frank Viola, author of Revise Us Again

by Audra Jennings Wednesday, May 18, 2011
Q: Your latest book talks about living from a renewed Christian script. What does it mean to rescript our lives?

As Christians, we are handed a script by which to live. This script is written by our denomination, religious background, the Christians we know and fellowship with, as well as by social and cultural environment. The Holy Spirit is the great Editor. His job is to descript us from those beliefs, behaviors and traditions that do not map to Jesus Christ and rescript us into His image.

Q: Revise Us Again talks about the ten areas that Christians should look at rescripting. Can you tell us about some of the most important ones?

The ones that resonate the most with readers so far are: Revising Christianeze (including the phrases “Let me pray about it” and “The Lord told me”), Revising How We Hear the Lord’s Voice, The Three Gospels (legalism, libertinism and liberty), Revising the Felt-Presence of God and Revising our Attitudes (being captured by the same Spirit we oppose). There’s also a chapter on meeting an aspect of God wherein He refuses to meet our expectations. So our view of God’s dealings in our lives needs to be revised.

Q: What Biblical basis is there for revising and rescripting our lives?

2 Cor. 3 talks about the Holy Spirit writing/editing on the tablets of our hearts. The whole theme of transformation in the New Testament carries this idea of description and rescripting. In the book, there’s a quote from the Psalms that matches the title.

Q: How do we get scripted after we are believers?

By being instructed by those who have been rescripted themselves in areas that we haven’t yet. By letting the Holy Spirit shed new light on the Scriptures as it bears upon our lives in areas that we aren’t in touch with. The book addresses areas of revising that few talk about today. That’s one of the main reasons why I wrote it.

Q: Tell us more about the process of revising our lives. How long does it take to get rescripted?

It’s a life-time process. Transformation will continue to the day we go to be with the Lord. But half the solution is in being made aware of what needs to be revised in our lives. . . things that we have no idea about until our eyes are opened to see them. This is one of the purposes of the book.

Q: Many of your books have been about church renewal and restoration. How does this book relate to your other books, if at all? What has been the response to the book so far?

All of my books have three things in common: 1) they go deeper into the Christian life and address areas that are often overlooked or ignored, 2) they challenge status quo thinking and 3) they exalt the Lord Jesus Christ uncommonly and foster a genuine love for Him in the heart of the reader. Revise Us Again is similar to my other work in all three respects. Yet it’s written for every serious Christian, irrespective of their church background or affiliation.

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Revise Us Again: Living from a Renewed Christian Script by Frank Viola

David C Cook/April 2011/ISBN 978-1-4347-6865-0/175 pages/hardcover/$16.99

www.davidccook.com ~ www.FrankViola.com

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