New Parish-Based Study Presents the Epic Story of the Catholic Church 

by Christine Schicker Monday, March 30, 2009
West Chester, Penn., March 30, 2009 – Ascension Press, publisher of the popular Catholic Bible study, The Great Adventure, announces the release of Epic: A Journey through Church History. The first program of its kind, Epic provides Catholics with a fast-paced, panoramic understanding of Catholic history, instilling in participants a greater sense of meaning and identity as heirs to two thousand years of Catholic heritage.

Epic, as the name suggests, takes on one of the most fascinating subjects in history—the rise and impact of Christianity on the world—and delivers it to users in a bite-size format. “From humble beginnings in the remote Roman province of Palestine to its now global presence, the story of the Catholic Church is a triumphant story of hope,” says Professor Steve Weidenkopf, co-author and presenter of Epic. “This is not just any story, it’s our story. This is our family history.”

Presented by Weidenkopf and co-authored by fellow Catholic historian Dr. Alan Schreck, Epic demonstrates how the Church, endowed with the Providence of God, empowered by the merits of Christ, and guided by the working of the Holy Spirit, has become the instrument of hope and salvation for countless men and women throughout history. In Epic, history is not only an interesting subject, it becomes a living reality. This “journey through Church history” is the story of the People of God. It is the story of God’s family on Earth.

Primarily intended as a parish-based, adult faith formation resource, Epic makes the study of the two thousand years of Church history easy through its use of mnemonic devices, similar to those used in The Great Adventure Bible study series. The story of the Church is divided into twelve color-coded periods, from the mustard yellow of the Church’s “mustard seed” beginnings in Palestine to the “green Springtime” of the New Evangelization. In the context of this story, the development of the Church’s teachings and practices comes alive.

“If Catholics understand this story, they will be better equipped to live out their faith in a world where the news headlines reveal a growing hostility toward Christianity,” says Weidenkopf. “By recognizing the beauty and the glory of the Catholic Church, they will be inspired to live their lives with a greater sense of mission and purpose.”

Epic: A Journey through Church History is available from Ascension Press at, or by calling 1-800-376-0520.

For more information, or to schedule an interview with Steve Weidenkopf, please contact Christine Schicker of The Maximus Group at 404-610-8871, or


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