Audio Bibles Soften Hearts of Russian Gypsies 

Family restored after hearing God’s Word in their heart language

by Jon Wilke Wednesday, March 25, 2009
Audio Bibles Soften Hearts of Russian Gypsies
Family restored after hearing God’s Word in their heart language

Simza* lives among the Gypsies; historically, a marginalized group in Russian society.

In April 2008, she heard about a group of people who were listening through the Bible in their own language. When she went to see for herself what this was all about, she heard the Word of God in her language, Baltic Romani, for the first time. She repented of her sins and began going to church, an action that would have serious consequences.

When Simza’s family found out about this, they severely beat her. But Simza didn’t turn away from her new-found faith; she continued listening to the Audio Bible in secret. Her family continued to beat her, so she left home and sought refuge at her uncle’s house hoping he would take pity on her and protect her. Instead, he told her she would be better off dead and he turned her away.

Simza was forbidden from listening to the Bible and from going to church. Eventually the beatings stopped but her family still forbade her from believing in God. She asked for prayer that God would strengthen her faith and that her parents would give their lives to Christ.

Now, almost a year later, Simza lives with her pastor and his family. The man who brought the Audio Bible to her is a Faith Comes By Hearing Coordinator who goes village-to-village with God’s Word in audio to start Audio Bible listening groups. During his recent visit with her they talked, prayed, and listened to the Word of God on the Proclaimer. Simza was moved and said, “I’m not afraid anymore,” and urged the man to take her to see her family.

After a very long train ride, bus ride, and walking many miles, Simza and the man arrived at her uncle’s house tired and hungry. The family was afraid when they first saw the Faith Comes By Hearing Coordinator thinking that the police had come to arrest them for abusing Simza. He assured them he was not there to take them to jail but to bring them the liberating news about salvation through the Word of God in audio.

They were invited inside the house, and without speaking, the Faith Comes By Hearing Coordinator placed the Proclaimer on the table and began playing it. The chaos in the house subsided little by little; complete silence fell.

The small three-room house quickly filled to capacity. Children sat on the window sills and adults stood along the walls while the group listened for 30 minutes. They talked until 4 a.m.

Simza’s family cried and asked for forgiveness for treating her so badly. God’s Word in their heart language brought healing and restoration. The next day, as the Faith Comes By Hearing Coordinator prepared to leave, he picked up the Proclaimer to take it with him. The head of the house stopped him and asked him to leave it. He said the Proclaimer was a blessing for his entire family.

Simza’s story is not unique. God’s Word in audio is softening the hearts of these Gypsy people. Faith Comes By Hearing is an Albuquerque-based, international, non-profit Christian ministry. You can learn more about this organization at or by calling 505-881-3321.

*It is our editorial policy to change the names of some individuals for their protection.

Faith Comes By Hearing records and uses Audio Bibles to reach and disciple the world’s poor and illiterate people with the Gospel message. The ministry’s mission is to record the Audio Drama New Testament in 2,000 languages and to start 2 million Bible listening groups by 2016 to reach the 50% of the world who cannot read and are poor.

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