Open Source ERP Software Is the Complete Company Software Solution 

The open source ERP and ERP software is one of the latest and highly prospective technological boons in today’s busy corporate world.

by Robert Gidy Tuesday, May 10, 2011
Surabaya – May 10, 2011

The open source ERP and ERP software is one of the latest and highly prospective technological boons in today’s busy corporate world. The chief aim of ERP software is to integrate all the trade processes and also their sub processes into one single and unified system. ERP software packages are infused to handle the current and prospective trade policies and plans efficiently and under rigid deadlines. The availability of a uniform database is highly essential to harmonize the business endeavors. Moreover, it assists the management body to make the vital decisions with precision and unparallel accuracy. It enhances the company production rate, speed of data transfer, and efficiency resulting in an increased sales figure. Thus, no wonder that the ERP software has received a huge clientele from the contemporary business organizations.

However, the latest news is revolving around the open source ERP software. It’s the new version of the past ERP software package and is a welcome offer for today’s super fast generation. The latest model is more affordable, provides quicker investment return, and offers easier implementation across the enterprise and much superior connectivity than the conventional ERP software. Super fast connectivity helps in an unlimited order flow from CRM, then to the accounting, to the scheduling, to the SRM and more. Moreover, open source ERP software comes with highly flexible configuration. It means these are much easier to customize so that the software package can take the advantage of updated market advancements for the optimal positioning.

There are various websites coming up in the market which aims to deliver the ERP Software packages based on the open source technology. They promise a wide variety of easy to use software modules and the customers can always customize the modules according to their specific requirements and modern improvisations. Some of them would also offer emergency services for instant technical solutions. They are equipped with all the latest desktop activities like e-mail, accessibility to mobile instruments, bar coding, phones, office interaction, printers and faxes. Many of them even guarantees a web-based functional session (monthly) free of cost.

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