Best Cat Scratcher And Cat Furniture In 2011 

In 2011 there are many cat scratchers available to cat lovers worldwide, but what type is truly the best cat scratcher for your pet?

by Robert Gidy Wednesday, May 04, 2011
In 2011 there are many cat scratchers available to cat lovers worldwide, but what type is truly the best cat scratcher for your pet? First it’s important to learn and know about your cats needs and personality. If a cat is rather small and not full of lots of energy like a kitten, a small carpet scratching post would be suitable. But if your pet is larger and really like to scratch full force it is better to have something with a larger scratching surface.

It is also important to have something very stable so your cat doesn’t get injured or cause damage to other furniture. Cat scratchers that are mounted on walls are very stable and can handle many types and sizes of cats. Large cat scratching trees or posts are good if your home has the space and if the trees and post are very stable. If you find a scratching post that you really like but doesn’t seem very stable, it is always possible to add weight or simple anchoring devices that are sold at local home improvement stores.

When considering durability and the life span of a scratcher, the best cat scratcher will normally be made of sometime of rope instead of carpet material. Rope tends to outlast carpet and is healthier for a cat’s claws. If your cat is still a kitten, but you have determined its personality and know what its approximate adult size will be, than it is a good idea to go ahead and get the best cat scratcher available, as it will get a lot of use for years to come. Remember, if you’re worried whether your cat will like the furniture and use over time you shouldn’t be. It is very simple to rub some cat nip on the device or pet furniture and get your cat interested in it. Cats love, cat nip and it is the best way to get your cat scratching at their new scratching toy.

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