Car Buying Tips For Used Cars or Second Hand Car 

by Mark Paul Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The prices of new cars every year higher. New technology increases the cost to be passed on to the buyer.With rising costs for new cars can be so many " just buy " a used cars. Used by continuous quality improvement is technically not necessarily worse than new vehicles.
Last year the average price for a used vehicle at about 8330 € .
Buying a or sell your car , however, requires much preparation, so you do not experience behind his blue wonder.

On this page you will find tips on what you need in your " new used " should be seen .
Which car is reliable and meets my needs?

First, one should give thought to what would for a car and what we needed at all ?
When you are single , which is rather fun , is perhaps the convertible used suitable , while the father is looking more like a station wagon.

Is sell my car too reliable or has this type of car often in the workshop, because it is so vulnerable?

This basic idea everyone should make himself before he commits to the type of car. About Reviews and criticism from Autos can be found here. Should it be a new car , you can at " Mein Carsaleguide " new car at top prices . find Diesel or gasoline ?

If you have not committed to any brand and type , you must still choose a suitable engine.
Worthwhile for a diesel or go with a cheaper gasoline ?The rule that you must go for diesel necessarily many miles a year is true for sell car is limited.The calculations , if the diesel is more profitable , include a new car, the price difference in the purchase and also the depreciation in the coming years. When used vehicle, these two factors are however not as far apart as in new cars. Therefore worthwhile for a used vehicle diesel sooner than the new vehicle.
What may cost the car?

Used car for sale

Now that you know exactly which car it should be , compare the prices.You can (eg DAT) free calculate what should be the purchase value dealers , dealer retail value and the price of private .
So that you already have the first rough asking price.The largest selection of used cars now offers the Internet, the big portals like and have over one million vehicles in your database.Both vehicles from dealers and from private individuals are listed.
You can look here and compare the offers , here you can estimate the approximate market value of your desired car. Make a pre-selection, however , take no more than three cars in the shortlist, you will lose the overview, since it is rarely fully equipped vehicles are identical and otherwise wohlmöglich " compare apples with pears ".

If the seller is legitimate?

Now is your initiative prompted to call the seller and ask you again from all data.
If the data agree with the offer or call the seller already variations in mileage , the previous owners or potential pre-damage ?If so, be careful and you should ask how these discrepancies were due to arrive .Who is a seller ? A company ? Then there is no big risk when buying , corporate must Used to give a one-year warranty.This warranty gives you direct from not , therefore, is a private purchase of an ever greater risk . But you can minimize this risk and , by carefully looking at the visit .
Extreme caution should be exercised when it is said that the car "for a friend will be sold. " Since dealers often windy behind it , who want no promises , because they know that the car is in order.
Or sell your car would be your friend ? Probably not , right?

Do words like " you have to decide quickly, " do not put pressure . Do you sleep better a night over it , even at the risk that the car could really be sold already.A note that was taken on a new car a lot , may at first seem positive, but it can also mean that this is a "Monday car "deals , which is very repair.Caution is also advised when the seller first makes promises , but they do not want to hold on in the contract in writing.

The vehicle inspection

When inspecting the cars announced once again compare the data given from the display still vote or has something changed?If the seller is entitled to sell the dealer used cars , he can show the car radio or the two parts of the registration certificate ?If the chassis number on the car in the letter match?
If the check book and there was the car serviced regularly?to review all this takes time , plan to visit one time generous.If you go to a short seller in the area, make sure that it does not rain , and enough daylight is available .Rain is hardly conducive for a visit , because the water makes it an impossible , defects in the paint or possible accident damage to be found.Do not be fooled by the first impression from the outside !A car can be a very Coating process so that it looks like new, even if it is not technically in order.It is essential to ask for accident damage! Stay away from damaged cars, no evidence exists about their repair are!Such cars have been patched up cost in order to sell them quickly.Listen not to the seller because if he says that was only one minor accident . Something only an expert can clarify . As a layman , you can check certain points on the used car itself.

Find in the Internet typical deficiencies in your car out and work it off at the inspection.

  • Here are a few check points: If the mileage on the odometer and the the check book or is there doubt?
  • Was the car serviced regularly, the checkbook is complete ?
  • How long the car has yet TÜV or AU ?
  • Lighting:Do all the lights?
  • All warning lights should go off after a short time
  • Are dents or scratches in the paint ? Is the roof free from hail damage?
  • Are the gaps on doors , hood and trunk evenly ? If not, it points to an accident.
  • obviously fresh paint or underbody protector is been applied? This points to a short- lamination of rust.

  • particularly liable to rust , the fender edges , door edges, and the trunk lid . See you there for sure .
  • Is there enough profile available? The legal minimum tread depth is 1.6 mm, minimum tread depth indicators are present on each tire between the tread grooves.
  • However, should have at least another summer and winter profile 3mm 5mm. A buying new tires is otherwise imminent, which again costs caused
  • Is the profile of worn evenly ? If not, perhaps the track or camber is adjusted in the chassis .
  • Have the wheels curb damage? If so , other chassis parts are damaged .

  • Feel free not to kneel down and look under the car. Running liquids there? Is there oil or rust to see? If so, then have to ask a specialist for the repair .

  • If the car has alloy rims with large spokes , then look through the spokes on the brakes , the brake discs have scratches or cracks ? Are the brake pads still thick enough ?

  • By the way pay attention but whether the mileage on the trailer with oil from speedo suits .

  • Does it smell of smoke ? Is it really a Non smoking car? If the ashtrays clean?

  • It smells damp, then the body can be leaky and water penetrates into the interior. Risk of rust !

  • Both examine the cooling and the heating mode with the engine running . All speed settings to try .

When in doubt , ask the seller if you can go by car to the TÜV or DEKRA . There one can be carried out for about 40 € for a used car check from the experts. Especially with high-quality cars is worth the expenditure , for an expensive repair can result in substantially higher costs. A reputable vendor shall have no objections against such a check when he has nothing to hide. With the argument that he can be the result of the checks also show other interested parties, you can always try to persuade the seller to contribute to the costs for the check to participate .
The test drive

A test drive is an absolute obligation !

If you like the car so far , take a test drive. Let them hold themselves in any way. Therefore, before you ask to see if the vehicle is still registered , or whether the red license plates. Before you start the car, you check whether the engine is already warm. Many sellers drive the car before heat can be transferred to that is minor defects , such as a low battery or difficulty in cold starting .

An ordinary test drive extends over several miles and takes at least ten minutes.
It should also have a ride out of the city and reach speeds over 100km / h. For some defects in wheels , tires or shocks occur only at higher speeds. While driving in the car it should be quiet, silent radio and sellers should . Finally, the buyer must concentrate fully on the tax , consumers and try out all the noise right lane .

My Self Jasper work with Reputed Automotive Company In Melbourne . We have a strong and committed sales staff with many years of experience satisfying our customers needs. Whether you are looking for a used car,new car is here to help.

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