Newly formed East London art-house 'The Archangel Emporium' is making a stir in the Art-world as it makes the humble t-shirt its canvas of choice for engaging today’s would-be art lovers.

by Craig Rush Friday, April 29, 2011
The Archangel Emporium® (of 151 Bethnal Green Road, London, E2 7DG, United Kingdom) unveiled its debut Streetart art inspired collection today, all of which was featured on a series of graphic print tee’s. Featuring original stencil-work, hand style’s and line drawings by chief artist and company founder, ‘Archangel’ Gabriel Maselino, was put together in an attempt to better relate art to today’s modern society:

“It was a natural ‘update’ more than anything”, says Maselino, “The average person is already a well versed critic within this medium; so by making a simple adjustment (using t-shirt’s as canvases) my hope is to translate art into the language of the modern woman and man”


The company’s intelligently curated ‘GET UP TO GET DOWN’ collection (its name taken from a Graffiti term meaning to ‘Get your name Up on the wall) explores the intricate frameworks of ‘Writing’ (the phenomenon of the early 80’s that later gave birth to ‘Graffiti Art’ and the like), taking its audience on an journey chronicling the artistic development from ‘Tag’ (a quickly executed stylized signature) through to full ‘Piece’ (a more developed and intricate work taken as short hand for ‘Master-Piece’).

Both The Archangel Emporium®’s online ( and physical Store/Galleries (151 Bethnal Green Road, E2 7DG, United Kingdom) focus on breaking down the nature of its pieces, highlighting the frameworks and creative drive behind each one (almost like providing the missing piece to the puzzle). In so doing the company aims to transform its fans and viewers into instant connoisseurs of the underground art world, arming them with the ‘mobile canvas’ itself and strong knowledge base with which to discuss it wherever in the world they may be.


In 2004 Gabriel Maselino picked up his scrapbook and chisel tip marker imprinting The Archangel insignia onto a garment for the first time. As the pages of his scrapbook turned a simple collection of fine art and canister inspired images was transformed into an emporium of contemporary works; giving meaning to underground art through a variety of different applications and an array of different styles. The belief that ‘art exists in everything we do’ is the basis that the company was built on, and the foundation upon which The Archangel brand was born.

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The Archangel Emporium is an Urban Art Enterprise specialising in street inspired clothing and apparel. The company aims is to develop a deep-seated appreciation and understanding for art (in its various forms) amongst the style conscious and the sentient alike.

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