Cave Hotels and Balloon Tours Greet Guests in Cappadocia, Turkey 

by Robert Key Tuesday, April 05, 2011
Turkey is an ancient land, but the Cappadocia area is a prime tourist destination in modern times. For those planning a visit to the area, is the premiere website for information on Cappadocia hotels, Cappadocia balloon tours and sightseeing opportunities.

Home to the Hittites in ancient times, some believe the name Cappadocia is derived from their word Katpatucka, meaning land of the beautiful horses. The area was the crossroads for several ancient highways where different cultures came to meet, share and trade. The region became a melting pot of people and culture.

Today, one of the most popular and thrilling activities in Cappadocia is the hot air balloon tours, offering visitors a spectacular view of the area and providing an unparalleled vantage point for photos. Daily hot air balloon tours can be arranged, as well as those for terrestrial sightseeing.

No Turkish visit would be complete without seeing the famous fairy chimneys. The unique landmarks are the result of volcanic eruptions. The towers have taken on their own individual identities through weathering by the elements. The chimneys provided shelter for the Turkish people during ancient times and contained entire towns.

A wide range of Cappadocia hotels is available to fit every budget. Cappadocia hotels run the gamut from luxury suites to inexpensive cave hotels. For those with lavish tastes, the Esbelli Evi features special cave rooms with names like the Labyrinth, decorated with traditional artifacts and featuring panoramic views. The Argos in Cappadocia was the site of an ancient monastery and restored with an eye to detail. The hotel features suites with private cave pools.

Luxury Cappadocia hotels also include the Argos in Cave Hotel, with beautifully appointed cave rooms, views of the fairy chimneys and an enchanted garden of fruit trees and flowers. Modern and traditional cuisine is served in the hotel’s restaurant, made with organically grown foods. The Goreme Suites features four rooms with all the amenities and spectacular views.

Cave hotel accommodations are also available for those with budget considerations. The Shoestring Cave House has five ancient dwellings that have been meticulously restored and visitors can enjoy the open-air swimming pool. At Tekkaya Guest House, guests can stay in charming cave type rooms and enjoy breathtaking views from the terrace.

The Traveller’s Cave Hotel sets upon a hilltop and treats guests to cave and chimney rooms that are carved from natural volcanic rock and garden terraces to view the sunrise. All the modern amenities are available. Dormitory style pension rooms are also available. Vezir Cave Suites offer comfortable accommodations with beautiful views. The Elysee Pension is a restored farmhouse carved in the local rock and stone, featuring a rose garden set among aged pear trees, along with bed and breakfast options.

Visitors to the Cappadocia area have a wide selection of interesting sites to visit that include underground cities, Goreme Valley National Park and the rock fortresses of Uchisar and Ortahiser. Many choose to take the Mount Nemrut World Heritage Site tour to see the ruins of the ancient city of Arsemia, the Roman bridge at Cendere, the Karakus tumulus tomb, the Prophet Abraham’s cave, holy carp pool and citadel. Visitors can also choose to attend the Whirling Dervish Ceremony or Turkish baths. provides the information visitors need about Cappadocia hotels, Cappadocia balloon tours and features of interest to enjoy a magical stay. The website features views of the many attractions and beauty that visitors will find in the ancient and historical land of Turkey.

Cappadocia Hostels can be reached by phone or by email with the form on the website. For more information, visit the website at

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