Vacationing In Style with Apartamentos en Gandia 

by amy perry Monday, April 04, 2011
Gandia may not get the same amount of attention as Salou when it comes to touristy destinations, but still there is something about Gandia that makes visitors and travelers notice. Just like its neighbors, it’s still the beaches and culture that makes Gandia a visit-worthy area. And this is the reason too why the demand for apartamentos en Gandia is high. On the other hand, there is no question with Salou and the popularity of Salou apartamentos. Salou is one of the leading destinations in Spain, and that’s one reason for you to discover what Salou and by extension Gandia has to offer. Both Salou and Gandia are coastal towns in the Mediterranean, and considered as two of the most sought-after locations in Spain fronting the Mediterraean.

Salou as a favorite hangout for travelers

What makes Salou popular among residents and would-be residents is its huge theme park. In fact some of the communities and the Salou apartamentos are built around this theme park. This is the Porto Aventura which is a huge theme park with six roller coasters and three exciting water rides. This gets the most traffic for the region from June to August. And this is the time as well when rentals and accommodations in Salou apartamentos spikes. The theme park is formerly operated by the Universal Studios, and right now this is managed by an investment company.

Gandia known for first class beaches and resort

On the other hand, Gandia may not get the same level of attention as compared to Salou but still this town maintains its darling status with travelers and residents. The wide and golden beaches to the north of Gandia are considered as first class, and some of the best eateries with Spanish influences are present along Playa Nord. New residents who are not yet adjusted to this kind of fare may still go back to old and universal favorites like Burger King and McDonalds. Speaking of the Playa Nord, this is actually a beach area that stretches for 3.5 kilometers starting from the sailing club. It is in this area where you can find some of the best medium-rise hotels in Gandia. This is the perfect place for tourists thanks to the golden sand of the beach. Complementing these hotels are some bars, and this is the reason why this area is best for those wanting to take a breather and a vacation in Gandia.

There are apartamentos en Gandia as well, and usually these apartments book fast because of their proximities to the beach. Take for example Eden, one of the apartamentos en Gandia available for tourists. This is just 400 meters off the beach. The good thing about this property and other available apartments in the area is that these properties offer pools aside from giving couples and families access to the beach. Other apartments are available of course, and it’s just a matter of looking at the right places for apartments in Gandia and Salou apartamentos.

Resource Box: Salou and Gandia are sought-after locations and vacation spots for many people. Salou is known for its Porto Adventura, a theme park. Gandia on the other hand is known for its first class beach resorts. On these two vacation spots you can find apartamentos Salou and apartamentos en Gandia that can accommodate you on your discovery of the area.

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