Be on the Right Party Location: Get Apartamentos en Ibiza 

by amy perry Monday, April 04, 2011
Mention the name ‘Ibiza’ and the Balearic islands including Mallorca and for sure you get a number of ideas from travelers, the backpackers and those who know and enjoy travels. In terms of geography, some would say that the landscape is harsh and rocky. For many, Ibiza is all about the hip, the fashionable and the musically-inclined that attracts thousands of backpackers, travelers and visitors every year that pack the thousands of apartamentos en Ibiza and apartamentos en Mallorca. But right now, what is really true to Ibiza?

What Ibiza is known for?

There was a time when Ibiza and the neighboring islands are known as the center of music. This was considered as the place to be for the hip and the fashionable. This is considered as the birthplace of rave and considered to be home to some of the best bars in Spain. It is during summer when these bars and party places get into full swing, and this is the time as well when thousands of people and visitors troop to Ibiza and pack the available apartamentos en Ibiza for rent in the area. But hardcore party people are not the only ones that enjoy what Ibiza has to offer.

A few kilometers from the bars are the woods, the coastal walking trails and the deserted beaches that allow you and other travelers to stay away and forget momentarily the pulsating sounds of rave parties. And when you speak of these areas and activities, you should think about the world-renowned places like the Santa Eularia d’es Riu and the other small resorts and coves that can be found in the northeast of Ibiza. Aside from resorts, there are apartamentos en Ibiza for rent in the area as well that serve as the perfect spot for families wanting to enjoy Ibiza for its beaches and environment and not just for its music and rave parties.

Mallorca as an alternative to Ibiza

Mallorca may be the largest among the Balearic Islands, but still this island pales in comparison to the Ibiza in terms of popularity. But it doesn’t mean that you need to forget Mallorca. Mallorca is also a hit for many travelers and those on vacation thanks to the 3S- sun, sea and sand. These are the things that make Mallorca a hit for those seeking rest and recreation. Add another reason why Mallorca should be considered- Rafael Nadal, currently the world’s number one tennis player. Nadal is from this island, and if you love tennis then for sure Mallorca will be automatically considered. There are apartamentos en Mallorca that can be considered that allows travelers to have access to the 3S, and yes to anything Rafael Nadal. But more than the beaches consider Mallorca for its other tourist spots. The Palma is the main center and the northwest coast is overlooked by the Serra de Tramuntana and there are apartamentos en Mallorca here as well.

Both these two islands in the Balearic will surely appeal to those wanting a good place for fun and recreation. Whether you like the party events in Ibiza, or the laid-back and beach-centered activities in Mallorca, you can get the apartamentos en Ibiza and apartamentos en Mallorca that you need.

Resource Box: The Balearic Islands in Spain offer the travelers and the backpackers the perfect solutions for a vacation or rest and recreation. Ibiza is one, and you can check out apartamentos en Ibiza if you like to party. Mallorca on the other hand is known for sun, sand, and sea so consider apartamentos en Mallorca is you like to soak up in the sun.

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