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Many people suffer from frequent urination, but few talk about it, even to secure help from their physician.

by Robert Key Monday, March 28, 2011 tackles the problem of frequent urination with a wealth of information on the problem in both men and women.

“Frequent Urination 101 strives to provide quality information on the causes and treatments of the embarrassing condition from which many people suffer,” said Joanne Southerland, owner of

Frequent urination in men and women is diagnosed as the need to void their bladder more than eight times per day and waking up several times during the night to use the bathroom. The condition can be caused by medical conditions such as diabetes, heart and vascular disease, insomnia and sleep disorders, and neurological problems.

Some medications contain diuretics that increase the need to urinate. A variety of foods and drinks may exacerbate the condition, such as coffee, tea, alcohol, cranberries and fennel berries. Fruit and vegetables that contain a high water content can also contribute to the condition. Those with frequent urination problems should first check with their doctor to rule out a dangerous medical condition or disease.

Women face an array of conditions specific to females that can result in frequent urination. The problem can manifest in women during pregnancy when the baby begins pressing against the bladder. Women who have had children often suffer from frequent urination. It happens when the muscles that form the basis of the pelvic area become weak. An inflamed bladder, urinary tract infection and old age can cause or contribute to frequent urination in women.

An enlarged prostate most often causes frequent urination in men. As the prostate places pressure against other body parts, it blocks the flow of urine. Over time, the bladder contracts even if only contains a small amount of urine. An enlarged prostate can make men feel like they have to urinate but be unable to do so. Constipation can also worsen the symptoms of frequent urination in men.

There are easy steps that can be taken at home to address the problem, such as limiting the intake of fluids before going to bed and modifying the diet. Kegel exercises can help to strengthen pelvic muscles in women and retraining the bladder is also possible. Plain yogurt is a home remedy that prevents harmful bacteria from accumulating in the bladder.

frequent urination is a problem that can afflict anyone and has no respect for age. The website at provides a wide range of tips, tricks, natural remedies and information for those who suffer from frequent urination. It can be a major source of embarrassment, affecting the way people live their life. The information offered on the website can help individuals understand the problem and find a remedy for greater freedom.

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