Nokia phones vs HTC phones – Compare the best doojiggers in the market 

Nokia phones and HTC phones both these giants has offered so many hi-end mobile phones in the market but as far as the market capitalization is concerned both these giants holds an equal market share in the UK souk.

by juliet lewis Wednesday, March 23, 2011
Mobile phones are undoubtedly one of the finest creations in this modern civilization and there are numerous mobile phone manufacturing company too who are offering some of the best gadgets in the market from time to time. There was a time when there was only home phone available in the market and the people used this type of phone only for communication purpose. But with the advent of mobile phones the whole scenario changed very rapidly as most of the manufacturer came with several mobile phones in the market with some attractive product features. There are some of the other factors which made this mobile phone market more stabilized such as the demand and the preference for hi-end gadgets. Among the manufacturers HTC and Nokia are one of those manufacturers who can be termed as the pioneer in case of smart phones after Blackberry. So if we want to compare between these giants then it will be not so easy to differentiate between these two well known manufacturers. Although there are some certain distinction between the two but there are some similarities too.

Apart from the product features of Nokia Phones vs HTC phones there are some other aspects on which these two manufacturers are unique from one another. Nokia is one of the best mobile manufacturing company in the world which holds a major chunk of the market share in the UK market too but HTC phones are lot fresh compared to Nokia as HTC focuses more and more on the smart phones only than any other type of phones. Nokia phones are known for their innate qualities and several other aspects on the other hand HTC phones are more famous for the extrinsic style quotient of their mobile phones in the UK souk. If we take a look at the product categories then we can see that hi-end Nokia phones are more costly in the market when it’s compared to the hi-end phones manufactured by HTC. Again HTC mobile phones are not as much user friendly when its’ compared with Nokia. So both the makers offer some of the best widgets in the market but the differentiation lies when it comes to the users prospective and preference. There are various other product features too such as memory capacity, camera, display on which one can also distinguish these two phones. Apart from this there are some mobile phone deals too which makes it easier to differentiate between any mobile phone in the souk.

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