How To Get The Most From Email Marketing 

Like any other form of marketing, there is an art to effective and efficient Email marketing. Travis from Write Step Inc. has written this post to give just a few brief hints on how to get the most out of your Email marketing.

by Travis Lelle Monday, March 21, 2011
E-Mail marketing is about as old as the internet itself – just about every major company operating online uses it, and small businesses should follow their lead and utilize the practice to the fullest extent. Here you’ll find a few productive pointers to keep you heading in the right direction when it comes to email marketing.

Make Your E-Mails Readable

Carefully crafting an e-mail consisting of multimedia objects and images may look nice to you – but a survey conducted in 2007 showed that 65% of marketing emails are viewed from text-only readers on mobile devices. With the dawn of advanced OS’s on smartphones these days – this trend is decreasing, but simple is still better in any case.

Make the Preview Inviting

Most people decide whether or not an email is in their interest simply by the preview of the e-mail – the sender address, subject line, and first 10-12 words are what the reader will see. Making all of these elements inviting, readable, and interesting will increase the chances of your email being opened, viewed, and read by the reader.

Keep your subject line to 50 characters or less, do not write in all Caps, and avoid flashy promotional lines – these will turn a reader away from opening your email.

Keep the Delivery Rate as High as Possible

Spam filters can be easily triggered by the sender’s address, subject line, e-mail content, or email frequency. You must use caution when sending mass emails as well. Some providers will not allow more than 1000 emails to be sent out in an hour, while some allow only 5-10 per minute. Knowing your email provider’s limits will eliminate the possibility of your e-mail account becoming suspended.

Do not use words in the subject line that are common in spam messages such as ‘money’ or ‘free’, and do not use all Caps in the subject line either.

Personalize Your Message

When you insert a person’s name into an email, the open rate increases up to 10%. Using lead generators will allow you to personalize your message with a person’s name. Utilize messages such as, “I am not a computer-generated spam message – you have been selected because this offer meets your specific needs.”

A great majority of e-mail marketers use personalization today – it is not a guarantee, but it does increase the chances of your message being read.

These are just a few pointers to keep you headed in the right direction. If you want to utilize custom email marketing, Write Step Inc. can point you in the right direction, offering our customers several different custom packages depending on your needs. You can contact us at Don’t forget to Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter.

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