Yunnan, witness my love 

by lilili lilili Friday, March 18, 2011
Yunnan scenery is good, said an official with couples to travel together once before, like the monk apprentice to learn, be careful not withstand the points after suffering steal sheep.
University blink of an eye is about four years time passed, I've watched a happy day will soon be gone, I burst an idea: travel to Yunnan! Inner longing for that day, hope their wedding, honeymoon in Yunnan through the loving, had just realized my vision of a better marriage!
Finally, after a physical and psychological ravages of the Chinese New Year, I intend to go to Dali trip, I take the news with her boyfriend next to that, soon, did not think he immediately agreed. After a busy two days after preparation, and finally embarked on a journey of pleasure trip!
Not to mention the road to Yunnan, along the way no shortage of that tedious ride, get off ... ... 18 February 2011, the long-awaited desire to be realized, standing on the crossroads of the Lijiang area, full of mind for the future, longing for love! At that time the mood could not use a word to describe.
Area the next few days are going to play, been to the area have Black Dragon Pool, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. Special mention here, I have to play down the Yulong Snow Mountain experience: It was me and as usual, wearing a coat and my favorite high heels, I did not realize that the Yulong Snow Mountain is to climb again have to take the cable car, before climbing in to must wear an oxygen mask, wearing rain clothes, hat, wearing MBT shoes and so a series of preparatory warm slippery!
When we climbed to the Yulong Snow Mountain Peak, which looked at the white peaks Zuozuo when, suddenly feel that their life and the vision to open up a lot!
Back and forth from the Yulong Snow Mountain, the next boyfriend I Shunkou Wen, "It just looks like good shoes, you know where to buy? I want a pair of home as souvenirs," her boyfriend said nothing, ran over it with the point of sale station, and then I follow her, I saw him running at me, carrying the bag said, "Look, I bought."
Back, I will put those shoes in the study, often reveal a clean heart to see is when I told him sweet!


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