Critical Mass has invited Lisa Johnson, co-owner of Southern California’s leading flooring company LBJ Flooring, Inc., to share the secrets to her business’ success 

by Richard Franzi Wednesday, March 09, 2011
On March 15th, 2011, tune in to Critical Mass: The Radio Show at 4:20PM to hear Lisa Johnson speak about her experience as a business owner serving the Orange County area.

As Lisa and her husband Brent have been running one of Southern California’s most prestigious flooring company for over seven years, Critical Mass host Richard Franzi sought her out for an interview on his interactive radio show that is completely dedicated to topics that help CEOs and business owners learn and improve.

“We are a family-run company, and always have been,” Lisa explains. “Keeping the business family owned and operated means that we can be hands-on on every project and provide expert, top-notch service to every client. That’s important to us.”
On the show, Lisa and Richard will discuss her experiences that have helped her grow and improve as a businessperson, and a few secrets to their success. The quality of both the workmanship and service has led to LBJ Flooring, Inc. winning contracts for high-end residences along Southern California’s coast, including those at the Montage Resort in Laguna Beach, California.

The Critical Mass radio show airs live every Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon from 4-5PM, and is an interactive show featuring top business leaders from the Orange County business community. The show is entering its third year and has featured over 300 guests. For more information about Richard (Ric) Franzi and his show Critical Mass, please visit the website:

LBJ Flooring, Inc. is a family owned and operated company run by Lisa and Brent Johnson, and has been serving the homeowners, business owners, interior designers and architects of the Inland Empire and the Orange and Los Angeles Counties for over seven years. LBJ Flooring, Inc. specializes in hardwood flooring, carpeting, tile, baseboards, molding and stairs. LBJ Flooring, Inc. offers free estimates for all enquiries. For more information on Lisa Johnson and LBJ Flooring, Inc., please call (951) 454-4459 or visit their website:

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Richard is the author of two books: CRITICAL MASS: The 10 Explosive Powers of CEO Peer Groups and CRITICAL MASS: The Power of CEO Guiding Principles. He hosts business talk shows on He is a sought after speaker on topics of interests to CEOs and business owners of mid-market companies.

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