Price: This will blow your mind 

Revolutionary training program allows hackers to think like pros on the course

by Adrian Law Monday, March 07, 2011
AUSTRALIAN Tour professional Terry Price has hailed it as a breakthrough for the golf industry, but just how far the new Pro Golf IQ program can take amateur golf is ‘scary’.

The gap between amateur and professional golf has always been seen as huge, but as Price points out, that gap can be reduced significantly by simply training the amateur mind to think like a professional out on the course.
Gold Coast business partners, Peter Nicholson and Chris Steffe, have introduced the landmark program to Australian shores. Using guided imagery brain-training techniques, the pair believes they have stumbled across a methodology that will change every golfer’s game forever, regardless of their ability. And they are so confident with their ‘brainwave’ that they are backing it up with a money-back guarantee.

The five-week course, which requires the golfer to listen to audio tracks that teach the mind the same skills used by the professionals, has even helped Nicholson slash his own handicap of 27 down to 18 inside three months.

“Research proves that the average golfer uses only half the brain when contemplating a shot,” Nicholson said. “Unfortunately, this is the side that is preoccupied with halfremembered tips, advice and repetitive drills – the unwanted noise that clutters the mind and hampers your game.”

“Professionals use both sides of the brain when setting up, so they can use the creative right side, which deals with rhythm, balance, timing, co-ordination and imagery. “In doing so – they achieve perfect mental stability.”

By training your mind to maintain perfect mental stability, hazards and other dangers amateurs face on the course suddenly become oblivious, according to Price. “Tiger Woods is the perfect example because he is someone everyone aspires to be because of his incredible mental strength under pressure,”

Price told Golfer Pacific. “You see him make those clutch putts and big shots all the time…why? Because he is in complete control of his mental state all the time. “So it’s not rocket science when you think about it, but what this program does is give everyone an opportunity to experience how pros play golf.

“The results speak for themselves,” he added. Price, 48, admitted it was easy to be skeptical of such a program, but after using it himself he sees Pro Golf IQ as the future for developing the next generation of stars.
“This program is great for golf clubs and their members, but what it can do for junior golf is scary,” Price said.

“As we get older the demons set in from bad experiences in the past, but this program has helped me eliminate all the negative thoughts I used to have. “It really is a must have for anyone who wants to improve their game dramatically.”

The audio program takes just five weeks to complete, with golfers simply needing to sit back and relax for around 30 minutes, three times per week. Each week the golfer will listen to a different dynamic session with each segment building into an encyclopedia of guided imagery and relaxation techniques.

The program continues to gather world-wide attention, having featured on CNN’s Living Golf broadcast in the US recently. Price said future users of the program won’t be disappointed. “Pros pay thousands of dollars every year for sports psychologists to get their mind ready for play, but this program allows everyday amateurs an affordable way to gain improvement in their game they never thought was possible,” he said. “But what I really see this program doing is bringing more people to golf because by improving their game with just a few simple steps, it will ultimately increase their enthusiasm to play.”

Adrian Law is a marketing consultant for Pro Golf IQ and is a beginner in playing golf.

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