Links Golf Cafe Makes Golf Accessible to Everyone 

The game of golf has exploded in popularity over the past 30 years and continues to hold it’s own against many of the other ‘traditional’ sports in our North American culture.

by Straight Line Friday, March 04, 2011
Vancouver, BC, March 04, 2011 -- The game of golf has exploded in popularity over the past 30 years and continues to hold it’s own against many of the other ‘traditional’ sports in our North American culture. The problem, according to the National Golf Foundation, is that golf has become increasing inaccessible for a variety of reasons but one stands out. Golfers lack practical options to properly exercise their game in and around their busy schedules. Our lives are so jammed pack that we can’t fit golf in!

Enter Links Golf Café, the world’s first "eatertainment" franchise that combines the fun, social, and practical aspects of advanced indoor golf and internet technologies with a golf-themed, deliciously satisfying and made-to-order menu based on the latest innovations in fast-casual dining, all wrapped in a warm, inviting and uniquely modern décor.

Links Golf Café is also a full self-service model from the golf play to the food and drinks, putting the customer in complete control of their experience. Play on the most ultra-realistic golf simulator experience on the planet, with over 50 world-famous courses including the exclusive TPC courses privately or with a group. Practice all the clubs in your bag on the driving range with visual, real-time performance feedback on each on every shot. And when you’re ready, enter or host you own golf tournament or skills contest with any player, monitor active players and leaderboards and track your own performance trends for continuous improvement on-site and on-line. Or just order some great food and drinks, sit back and enjoy the interactive play and social vibe. And with access available to multiple cafés per metropolitan area with flexible membership models that are easily ½ the annual cost of comparable golf course or practice facility services, exercising your golf game has never been more fun, affordable and practical. Links Golf Café will unlock the game for millions of new and existing golfers.

We are now exiting the R&D Phase and are now ready to begin offering Large Protected Territories in the Mid Atlantic Region from Pennsylvania & New Jersey down to Virginia & West Virginia. If you are an early adapter, and would like to get in on the ground floor of The Next Big Phenomenon in the Fast Casual Sports Restaurant Industry then this opportunity is for you. We’re looking for highly motivated, well capitalized entrepreneurs who want to build a legacy.

For more information, please contact: Bud Schroeder, Links Golf Café Mid Atlantic Regional,, Phone: 1-866-301-4653,

Bud Schroeder
Links Golf Café Mid Atlantic Regional
1500 West Georgia Street
14th Floor
Vancouver, BC V6G 2Z6

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