Senator Hutchison steadfast in her pro-choice views 

Texans should be wondering to what other key issues Senator Hutchison is personally opposed but unwilling to take a stand

by Impact Wire Friday, January 15, 2010

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January 15, 2009

Denton — During the Republican gubernatorial debate last evening, Senator Hutchison voiced her long-held pro-choice views. Hutchison personally opposes abortion but does not favor additional legal restrictions on the procedure. Hutchison stated that she supports legislation such as parental consent, while claiming that Roe works. Hutchison expressed concerns about a Roe v. Wade reversal and reiterated that she would not interfere with a woman’s right to “choose.” (See video posted on YouTube:

“Senator Hutchison has always been forthright with Texas Right to Life about her adamant views on maintaining the legality of abortion. While she favors some restrictions on abortion, she has clung to her ‘viability’ position throughout her political career," said Elizabeth Graham, Director of Texas Right to Life.

"Additionally," Graham continued, "Senator Hutchison has personally told us in meetings that she favors the funding of embryonic stem cell research, research that always results in the death of the human embryo from whom the cells are taken. While we have a cordial relationship with her, the Senator’s views on the defense of innocent human life are not appropriate, especially for one seeking to be the Governor of our solidly Pro-Life state.”

“Texans should be wondering to what other key issues Senator Hutchison is personally opposed but unwilling to take a stand. What type of leader will she be for Texas?” Graham challenged.

Texas Right to Life PAC has fully endorsed Pro-Life incumbent Governor Perry for his re-election.

Watch this 96 second video clip of Senator Hutchison candidly sharing her strident pro-choice views on abortion.

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