Fresh Vision for the Muslim World 

New vision for Muslim outreach calls for loving involvement instead of reactive fear

by Tracy McCarter Wednesday, October 21, 2009
Ever since the Iran hostage crisis in the early 1980s, Americans have viewed the Muslim world with great mistrust and uneasiness. In the wake of 9/11, those feelings have turned to anger and fear. Politicians seem incapable of bridging the wide cultural gap that exists between the Middle East and the West, and a growing rivalry between Christians and Muslims feels like a slowly burning wick attached to a deadly stick of dynamite.

It seems our only responses to the mysterious people groups of the Muslim world are disdain or military action, and the feelings are mutual. Is this how it must be, or is there a more wholly Christian approach for our troubled times? Mike Kuhn’s new book, Fresh Vision for the Muslim World, offers a fascinating view inside the Muslim world and a bold plan to engage this world with the gospel. Written by a man with intimate insight, who has spent his life studying and living in the Middle East, Fresh Vision for the Muslim World brings clarity into a global situation filled with sweeping assumptions and rampant confusion.

Written with the technical knowledge of an analyst and the street smarts of an insider, Kuhn’s latest work follows in the footsteps of Elizabeth Elliot’s groundbreaking Through Gates of Splendor. Like Elliot, Kuhn advances an approach to missions that is, at its core, incarnational. Kuhn asks the question, “…what is the unique perspective of a Christ-follower individually and the kingdom of Jesus collectively to the current conflicts of the West with the Muslim world?” His answer? “You and I are confronted with a choice. On the one hand is the path of isolation, fear, alienation and self-preservation—a well-worn road. The alternative path is clearly less traveled. It calls for self-awareness, empathy for the other and deep listening. Although excruciatingly difficult, its summit is the peak of incarnation.”

Mike Kuhn’s desire to know God and his work in the world was birthed in the North Carolina mountains through the influence of a loving family. He married Stephanie in 1983 and soon thereafter left the United States to reside in Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. For the next twenty-two years, his neighbors and friends were the Muslim people of the southern Mediterranean. No book or university could have taught him what he learned as he experienced the day-to-day life of Muslim people. He grew to love the Arabic language and now teaches it at the college level. Mike’s friendship with several followers of Christ of Islamic background continues to influence his understanding of God’s pursuit to reconcile all nations to Himself. He currently makes his home in Knoxville, TN, where he enjoys his family, taking walks in the mountains and playing the banjo.

Fresh Vision for the Muslim World by Mike Kuhn
Authentic Publishing Sept 2009
ISBN: 978-1606570197/softcover/273pages/$14.99

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