FreshClean Floor Cleaning Products Reduce Chemical Budgets by As Much As 50% 

Major UK retailers switch to Fresh Clean, thanks to its environmentally friendly nature and reasonable price

by sam paul Tuesday, February 08, 2011
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Major UK retailers switch to Fresh Clean, thanks to its environmentally friendly nature and reasonable price

Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom, February 7, 2011 – Revolutionary cleaning products supplier RJN Chemicals Ltd has developed a set of floor cleaning products by the name FreshClean ( that can cut a company’s chemical bills by as much as 50%. That’s been a strong pull for major British retailers, including some of the United Kingdom’s most recognisable large store chain groups.

The success of FreshClean lies in its twin box ticking attributes. The product, which is multipurpose and will clean everything to an extremely high standard, is ecologically responsible and much cheaper than its competitors. The reason for both of these advantages is the lack of packaging. FreshClean is desiccated, which means a very small package of it can supply enough floor cleaning powder to last for months on end. That, in turn, means very little packaging waste: and that means the stuff costs less in the first place. Users of the FreshClean floor cleaning products have switched over after exhaustive tests, proclaiming the efficiency of FreshClean on even the toughest commercial floors.

The company recently announced the results of a slip test on the floor cleaning products it supplies. FreshClean floor cleaner has a slip co efficient of 71.5: the optimum has been measured at 75, which means that FreshClean is an extremely safe bet for use in the high traffic areas of large stores and retail outlets.

Combine the product’s safety, environmental responsibility and cost effectiveness and you’ve got a winner on every level. No wonder some of the biggest names in British retail are now using FreshClean exclusively throughout all of their stores. For more information on the environmental and financial savings represented by the product, visit

About FreshClean
FreshClean is the revolutionary floor cleaning products produced and supplied by RJN Chemicals Ltd, widely used to clean the floors of commercial areas across the country.

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