Commercial Truck Insurance and CSA 2010: Royalty Truck Insurance Comments on New FMCSA Initiative 

Royalty Truck Insurance, a national commercial truck insurance provider based in Los Angeles, comments on the CSA 2010 program launched by the FMCSA and how it may affect commercial trucking, truck insurance rates.

by Patrick Winchester Thursday, February 03, 2011
Royalty Truck Insurance, a national truck insurance provider that’s located in Van Nuys, CA just outside of Los Angeles has received a variety of questions regarding the new CSA 2010 initiative.

In order to address the concerns of many of their policy-holders, truck insurance customers that represent many different employment situations in the trucking industry, from independent contract drivers to full motor carriers and large fleets, the company has chosen to make an official statement on the issues.

For those unaware, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration went live with their CSA 2010 program this past December and has made much of the data the program entails public to both insurance companies, shippers and manufacturers and really any member of the public interested in obtaining safety scores listed for trucking industry members.

CSA 2010 collects a variety of data on trucking companies to assign a general safety score, available for the public to view, on a scale of 1-100, 1 being the best and 100 being the worst possible score.

While safety is the underlining reason for the introduction of the program according to the FMCSA, many small trucking companies, independent drivers and the OOIDA have expressed concerns that the scores assigned are too subjective, unfair to smaller companies, and include certain violations and accident report statistics that offer misleading information.

It is the concern of these organizations that skewed scores could be misinterpreted by would-be employers, causing a dip in jobs for small trucking companies in an already tumultuous economy.

According to a spokesperson from Royalty Truck Insurance, “As insurers, safety is our ultimate concern…it’s the business we’re in. We as insurers aren’t in a position to judge the validity of safety programs that are government-initiated. We believe that any steps toward a safer highway and fewer traffic accidents and injuries are essential to public safety. We also, however, want to see that any legislation or public information is as fair as possible to all members of the trucking industry. We insure a multitude of independent truckers and realize how vital they are to the industry as a whole—anything that may unfairly impede their potential for a thriving business is certainly a concern.”

While the CSA 2010 official site claims the program is “a change to save lives,” concerns and an attempted stay on public release of CSA 2010 data by organizations such as the OOIDA raise the question that current safety score data may not be as objective or fair as the FMCSA would like to think.

“We hope the FMCSA and the trucking industry can evolve to an agreement that leads to a successful program,” commented the Royalty Truck Insurance spokesperson.

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Patrick Winchester is a freelance writer for Royalty Truck Insurance, a nationwide commercial truck insurance company headquartered near Los Angeles, California. Royalty is licensed to provide commercial truck insurance in 28 states throughout the U.S. For more info on policies and rates, visit

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