Gamit produces original articles in link building campaigns. Link building through articles is a cumbersome process ably handed by Gamit 

There is much more to an article than it ordinarily looks. Articles today have become an intrinsic part of link building campaigns.

by Scarlet Synclair Friday, January 21, 2011
There is much more to an article than it ordinarily looks. Articles today have become an intrinsic part of link building campaigns. Gamit as a company uses articles effectively as part of its link building technique. As more and more people read articles the rank of links and page rank of websites goes up in the eyes of the search engines.

A typical article in an article directory does not simply have text. There are the anchor texts that the readers click to follow a link. Some of the article directories allow these anchor texts to be placed inside the article body while others only allow these anchor texts to be placed in specific areas at the end of the article, in a place called the resource box. As search engines crawl through articles they look at these anchor texts and vote for the website. As more and more visitors read an article and click the link pointing to a specific website the number of votes goes up and the page rank of the website also goes up. This is an essential element of link building campaigns and it is used by effective link building companies like Gamit.

There are many ways one can have an article written and published. The easiest way is to insert the keyword in the search box of the article directories and then locate relevant articles. Then one can simply change the words in the article and publish it as an original piece. But this practice does not yield results. Search engines can easily locate these articles and devalue their links. The whole link building strategy goes for a toss. Gamit always ensures that the articles written are well researched and original. Each and every article is passed through Copyscape and the authenticity of it is first established.

For publishing the articles there are some automated tools available. These tools are freely available on the Internet. Some of those that engage in link building often use these tools to upload multiple articles at a time. But again, this practice is not favorable as far as the search engines are concerned. It is seen as spamming. Gamit’s link building campaigns ensure manual uploads for every single article and without using any automated tool. Hence, this ensures high rank for all the articles and press releases that come from the house of Gamit.

About Gamit
Gamit is an SEO service provider that is in the business of link building for the past five years. In this time period Gamit has increased its employee base fivefold from 8. Gamit started with 10 projects a month handling 100 links. From then on, the number of projects per month has swelled to more than 100 and the number of links produced per month is in excess of 30,000. Gamit’s link building campaigns put heavy emphasis on article writing and publishing. This allows the company to guarantee links for its clients, 60% of who sign up for projects of a duration of six month or more after the trial project is over.

Want to know the importance of articles in link building campaigns ? Let Gamit write articles as part of your link building campaign and you will see the results soon.

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