Dukan Diet - A How To Lose Weight Fast Plan Fit For Royalty 

Amid rumors that the Dukan diet would be followed by the fiancee of a British royal, the high-protein diet for rapid fat loss makes a dramatic entry into the United States.

by Elena Williams Sunday, June 01, 2014
In the three years since, the Dukan Diet has captured the imagination of many fitness enthusiasts and weight loss followers with a promise of dramatic results that can be achieved without ever having to count calories or stay hungry.

The Dukan Diet is a restrictive high-protein low-carb diet that involves an initial rapid fat loss period which is followed by three maintenance phases that sustain the weight loss achieved. Dr.Pierre Dukan who formulated the diet is a specialist in nutrition science and food behavior. The diet he devised for rapid fat loss and those seeking ways on how to lose weight fast proposed a healthy nutritional schedule that permits you to eat as much as you like. The only proviso is that you must choose from a list of 100 foods, 75 of them being animal products.

The diet plan which is now followed by millions around the world - including celebrities, athletes, and purportedly even members of royal families - had grown silently in popularity among adherents in France. When Carole Middleton mentioned to reporters that she had lost weight on the Dukan Diet, there was a sudden spurt in interest among the general public.

Dr.Dukan himself perfected the diet over many decades. In his book, "The Dukan Diet", which is a bestseller in the United States and Canada, the pleasant French doctor explains how to lose weight in a week, and why this is not a dietary fad but a really healthy alternative. For almost 35 years, he has been perfecting this high-protein rapid weight loss solution.

Like the popular Atkins diet, the Dukan diet lets you eat meat but restricts some other types of food. The four phases guide you steadily towards achieving weight loss and then keeping those shed pounds off. The attack phase begins with oat bran and lean protein, while the cruise phase that follows permits vegetables except starchy ones like potatoes.

The hardest part of the Dukan Diet is the consolidation phase in which dieters can add a serving of fruit and two slices of whole wheat bread to their diet every day. A weight loss calculator can be of assistance with this. Once the hurdle is crossed, stablization is reasonably simple and continues for the rest of the cycle. If you follow the Dukan Diet, you must also follow other requirements like drinking six glasses of water daily, walking twenty minutes or more and eating 2 tablespoonsful of oat bran.

"The Dukan Diet has been a rage in France for years. I feel incredibly well on it," said British royal Lady Elizabeth Anson. It's a sentiment that has echoed through Hollywood and in celebrity circles around the world. The Dukan Diet is fit for a queen - but many commoners have also enjoyed its diverse benefits.

For more information about the Dukan Diet, visit http://www.14dayrapidfatloss.com

Elena Williams is a writer, freelancer and health enthusiast who loves to travel, read and play with her cat.

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