Historic Launch of Inter-referentiality Theory of Coherency That Trembles the Global Postmodern Competitive Credo. 

Massive Detrimental effects of Competitiveness-Obsession-----Unveils the Landmark Study.

by F. M. Bhatti Monday, November 18, 2013
[LEFT]The 'Competitive Mind-frame' has virtually become an obsession in almost every aspect of life, according to a cautioning demonstration of a broad-based polygonal research-study. Deliberations yields of the all-encompassing multi-cleft investigative work are entitled as the ‘Inter-referentiality Theory of Coherency[IRTC]’ and ‘The Coherency Codex’ . IRTC and the codex, scholastically make a thorough transcendental analysis of the present day’s global situation in a composite and totalistic perspective.

“Today, the humanity, as a whole, is facing grim consequences of somewhat a ‘self-persevering nature’, and finds itself in a horrific phase of perpetual crisis and persistent dilemma- ‘crisis and dilemma’ are almost too weak the words to describe the situation. Numerous manifestations can be seen everywhere –disastrously mortal poverty altitudes crossing all fatal extents on one hand, and extensively high levels of progressive inflation on the other,-- rising waves of violent crimes and suicides in one society and growing numbers of pre-birth disabilities in the other, a health care crises in one region and environmental devastations in another, nebulous veils of lethally arsenal contaminations of underground water reserves,-- global warming due to heavy chemical vaporizations persuaded ozone destruction----all are--- but different facets of a single, and the same crisis—the varying manifestations of same and inextricably interwoven glitch-problem-- encircling the same core-anomaly behind the grand exponential dismay--- the ‘gross incoherency’ —the obsessive promotion of competitive ‘credo’, assertively demonstrates the codex.
In a concrete sense of conceptual contexts, coherency orientation is somewhat the phenomenological antonym of the competitive orientation. Since “all of us do live in the age of competitiveness where the grand universal lesson of coherency has been forgotten and buried upon by the obsessive over-emphasis on competitive orientation”, states the preface prologue of the Coherency Codex.
“The phenomenon, in lieu for,-- the water we drink, the air we breathe, the food we take, the sounds we hear, the spectrums we view and even the lives we live,-- principally and essentially, manifest the inter dynamisms of coherency--both in the entities and the occurrences”. And “predominantly, all these manifestations strongly do call for, and lead determinedly towards the plausible ways en-routing to the ostentatiously splendid lesson of nature –the coherency,-not the competitiveness”, particularizes the codex. A voice cannot be tasted and a fragrance cannot be heard, a color cannot be smelled and a sound cannot be sighted—what restricts-- not letting the cause-occurrences to pose an effect-phenomenon on the entity-objects. The principal and solitary hindrance in the way of the ‘law of causality’ for becoming true, here, is the intrinsic incoherency in the basic frames of reference, descriptively and unequivocally quotes the coherency codex, in an elaborative way.
The stigma, no more, remains merely intellectual but has progressively and quite successively amounted to an intense existential crisis. From politics to policy making, education systems to public health and corporate sector to ethical institutions, all are frame-worked in a competitive modes and conceptual formats. Hence the notion of competitiveness has become our core thinking language --the yields of which are exponentially worst-ever scenarios, that we are destined to face unavoidably.

We are designing towns and colonies and thus introducing comfortable life styles to ourselves as well as others, in an ongoing ‘competitive’ mode, but at the expense of horrifying toxification of the water reserves under the earth, because of the ecologically incoherent drainage-sewerage practices, we have determined ourselves to do, as a cost for sustaining those very ‘living-styles’.
We are constantly and unremittingly affecting the soil we live on,-- the air we breathe in,--the water we dependently endure and survive upon,-- the ozone we sustain and persist under,--the underground water reservoirs and finally whole of the environment in its totality, to that an intimidating and threatening extent that the present-day generations are progressively leaving the earth a tougher place for the next generations to survive--that could be an easier place to live otherwise---as we inherited it from centuries and millenniums of our ancestor generations.

These devastating remnants of epic proportions, strongly stretch an inevitable call for
a fundamental transform, and a basic conceptual transition from the fragmented methodology of competitiveness in our affluent formats of life and patterns of mind.
For a principal shift, we have to have a comprehensive coherency frame-working in our educational realms, our think-tank dominion-orbs, our ethico-moral hierarchies, our jurisdictive epistemes --from domestic livelihood-fibers to the webs of socio-cultural interconnectedness.
The codex is comprised of 100 inter-spheric phenomenological and ontological debate arches, and epistemologically entails over 93 subject-domains ranging from ontology to the descriptive, analytical, and transcendental genera of normative, social, as well as natural and applied sciences. Ten basic archways of the codex mark 10 principal domains, whilst, each of the nine annex-arches following a principal domain, are co-arched by every principal domain.
The inter-refrentiality theory along with the coherency codex is an outcome of over a decade broad-based extensive research based upon at least over one millennium’s multi-cleft poly-genera literature’s unbiased thorough investigational review , by Professor Qadhi Aurangzeb Al-Hafi, a multi-disciplinary researcher, theorist and philosopher, who, in the present-time scenarios, preservingly upholds multi-level eruditions in, basic, as well as applied veneers of poly-cleft interdisciplinary research.
The codex adopts Al-Ghazali’s verdicts, Ibn-e-Shaheen’s conclusive findings and Al-Razi’s pronouncements for coherency in the realms of cognitive ontology, normative sciences and phenomenology respectively, Geoffrey Chew’s S-Matrix theory for coherency in the modern scientific empirical philosophies, Fritjof Capra’s ‘Big Sur Dialogue’ in the inter-spheric socio-scientific coherency, and the author’s own ‘Inter-Referentiality Theory of Coherency’.
The large scale anthropogenesis based multi-orbed investigative research review is the one of its nature having none of a paralleled precedence in present era scholarly works within the domain. Prior to the present conceited analysis, are those the findings scrutinized by the famous historian and analyst Toynbee.

Prof. Qadhi Aurangzeb Al-Hafi made the splendid ‘IRTC- Coherency Codex’ copy righted on the millennia old historic observance day known as ‘Yaum-e-Aashoora’ the ‘Day of Atonement’- 1435/2013, and demonstrated the benchmark research-appraisal at Higher Education Commission Pakistan.
The theory along with codex, has been adjudged by the global literary accruals as the magnum opus of core and radical debates of our times. The arch-theorist, Qadhi Prof. A. Z. Hafi, zenithly encompasses a wide-spectrumed multilevel eruditions in an upsurge summation of almost 97 subject-fields, with having over 900 transcendental orientations and scholarly demonstrations at numerous prestigious institutions all over the Asian region, and henceforth, indubitably imprints his distinct mark-etchings of a compellingly marvelous ‘unparallelness’, in a plethora of learned superfluities within the modern age research ivories.
The stark implications-hostiles of present day generation, that are progressively leaving the planet a tougher place for future generations to survive, are emphatically contended in the IRTC-Codex.

0    submitted by F. M. Bhatti
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