Clean Ducts and Air Conditioner Repair in Houston are Important 

by Travis westmoreland Wednesday, October 02, 2013
HOUSTON, TEXAS - The longer an air conditioner operates, the more dander, dust and mold it accumulates. The constant recycling of the same indoor air blasts dust off furniture and clothing which is then sucked up by the intake ducts. When homeowners fail to clean them, the dust, dander and mold will build up, leading to a variety of health and financial concerns.

Dirty ducts are a financial risk.
Actually, they present a double risk. The first is from the mold and mildew, which can corrode the system, resulting in damaged fittings and eventually a broken unit. Comparing the costs of duct cleaning with a whole AC installation clearly shows that dirty ducts are a huge financial risk.

The second risk is not as financially intense, but occurs more frequently. The dust that is being blown through the ducts will clog up the filters more quickly than usual. Clogged filters cause the HVAC system to run inefficiently, which increases the strain on a home's electric system. There is an increased cost on a monthly utility bill and in replacing the filters more frequently.

Dirty ducts are unhealthy.
It might not occur to some people that when dirty ducts blow mold and dust around a house, people are more susceptible to illness. The blowing air conditioner spreads those minuscule mold particles around the house, making every room a germ breeding ground. The significant health issues that happen in a home with dirty ducts may go undetected, but it will aggravate those with asthma, allergies or other chronic conditions.

Clean the ducts regularly.
Needing air conditioner repair in Houston is not uncommon. Almost all homes utilize a central air system to keep the home cool at all hours of the day. Due to the year-round warm weather, a home's air conditioning service is important enough to invest in. That investment comes in the form of annual maintenance of the ducts and other parts of the system. AC in Houston, TX is vitally important and homeowners should not put it off.

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