Relief India Trust: Changing lives everyday 

Betterment of the lives of children, specifically those who are living in poverty.

by Akruti Sharma Monday, September 23, 2013
It is no surprise for anyone to learn that there is mass poverty in India at the moment and many problems particularly with children and other vulnerable people. Hence, any endeavour that manages to help with the situation is a noble one, and worth applauds. The work of one particular organisation called the Relief India Trust shows such an endeavour.

Relief India Trust is currently involved in several programs for the betterment of the lives of children, specifically those who are living in poverty. Relief India Trust takes up appropriate measures and brings in suitable programs that help to push towards the rehabilitation of people who are living in difficult and challenging circumstances.

Recently, there has been much media coverage about slum children in India. The scenes that have been witnessed on TV and in the media are distressing and upsetting. Nobody likes to see children suffer, and Relief India trust is doing its best to make the situation better for them. This is being done by making sure that the essentials required by them to survive are delivered on a regular basis. All of this is free and includes the provision of nutritious food and medicines that help them make proper physical progress as they grow. Clothing is also delivered to these children free of cost and on a consistent basis.

Relief India trust also works to set up schools in India for children who are living in poverty. Education is a major issue in these areas, and very few children have access to it. Rather, they have to work in inhumane conditions, just to make money for their families. Relief India Trust believes in education and has set up various schools.

Medicines are distributed for free in the relief programs that Relief India Trust has brought about. The poor in India are receiving medical and surgical treatment, all because of the support of the Relief India Trust. A small team of medical volunteers works with the trust to provide this support.

The work that Relief India trust carries out is positive as well as very supportive of the country and its needs. Children in particular take great benefit and comfort from the fact that they are being helped. As long as there are poor children in India who need help, Relief India Trust will be there to help them, and offer the kind of support they need to survive.

Aakruti is a freelance journalist and a full time blogger, writer and a photography enthusiast

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