3 Rules of Wearing Clubwear Dresses 

by jenny smith Thursday, September 05, 2013
Many are thinking about clubwear dresses. After all, if they'd show up wearing something lackluster, they wouldn't be able to achieve their goal - to get noticed. It's true though, that choosing the perfect dress to wear shouldn't be something that takes days or even weeks to do. Just by following the three most important rules of picking the right clubbing clothes, anyone should be able to get noticed without wasting too much time browsing catalogs and visiting boutiques.

On the Right Kind
Here's the very first rule - it's crucial to find actual clubwear dresses instead of trying to transform casual or office minis into things that are a bit more suited for partying. Of course, those who haven't really thought about the differences between each kind of dress would surely be skeptical. Well, they should open a few catalogs one more time and look closely at sexy club dresses. Soon enough, they'd notice that outfits made for clubbing show a lot more skin than the ones designed for other purposes.

The Correct Shoe
So far, it's already obvious that clubwear dresses are the very best when it comes to helping girls look their sexiest. That's why the second rule is all about the right footwear. To be a bit more specific, it would be wrong to wear something flat or closed. Anyone who's planning to wear a sexy mini dress for a night of clubbing should opt for stilettos (especially those with lots of straps that make the calves look even sexier). Here's an added bonus in wearing heeled, strappy footwear - it helps correct posture.

To Go with Glitter
What's abundant in any club aside from people? The answer to that should be obvious - lights. So, girls who'd like to stand out shouldn't forget the rule of shine - it'd be best to pick a dress that's a bit reflective. What's the easiest way of doing that? Well, choosing among outfits made of metallic fabric should do the trick. Those who don't want to go the metallic route could pick from dresses that are either made from spandex or have more than enough shiny beads.

A Fun Alternative
So far, it's been made clear that choosing the right dress isn't difficult to do. All that needs to be done is to follow those simple rules (which are merely about the type of dress, the sort of footwear, and the presence of shine). Still, it wouldn't be good to forget about one of the best ways of picking clubwear dresses - doing it together with friends (turning outfit selection into a fun bonding opportunity).

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