Millcreek Preschools Offer Tips for Brain Development 

Learning Tree Schools, a preschool in Millcreek , offers tips for parents to help foster brain development in their children.

by Bethany Hosking Saturday, August 24, 2013
Salt Lake City, Utah - Proper brain development in a child's early years is essential to reaching important milestones. There are many ways parents can foster positive development.

"Between the ages of 0 and 3, there is important brain development happening," says Amy Moyes, owner of West Jordan day care center Learning Tree Schools. "Children are born with all of their neurons in place, but it's up to parents to help that brain development continue."

Development can be fostered many ways. The first is through consistency because it helps children develop socially, cognitively and emotionally. Regularity in routines, settings and even through enforcing limits as the child grows strengthens the connections of the brain.

"Consistency from the very beginning helps a child feel comfortable in their environments, such as at a child development center," says Moyes, whose Learning Tree Schools offers a preschool in Murray. "Consistency helps children trust those around them. Constant upheaval can have a lasting impact on how children develop socially and emotionally."

The experiences of each child also determine which brain connections are strengthened and which ones are lost. When connections are used repeatedly, they become stronger. When they are not used, the connections will be lost.

"Repetition is good because it helps build strong neural connections," says Bethany Hosking, co-owner of the child care. "Parents and caregivers should provide children with enriching experiences that foster these connections through repetition. It is important to pay close attention to the developmental needs of each child, and help foster growth and development at every stage."

Children explore the world through play. They develop language skills by being read and sung to, and learn valuable problem-solving and fine and gross motor skills through manipulating objects around them.

The more children are allowed to explore, the more information they can store, which in turn means more connections in the brain are being developed and maintained. With a little help from their parents and caregivers, children can develop the neural connections needed to become confident, well-adjusted adults.

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