Godot Media Planning to Launch Visual Content Practice by Next Quarter 

by Kevin Fernandez Thursday, June 27, 2013
Leading content writing and social media marketing company – Godot Media, is looking to diversify its services in the next quarter by launching visual content services for its clients. Graphic designers at the company will create Infographics, pictures and other graphics for clients at very affordable rates.

Content marketing and consumer tastes are evolving constantly and companies need to adapt to these changes. Currently, there is a huge demand for visual content as such content is much more attractive and share-worthy. Moreover, people do not have the time or patience to read through long-form, textual content to find important and valuable points. “Visual content like Infographics and charts is what people want this year and we want to help companies publish such content.” said a company spokesperson.

The company has experienced graphic designers who can create Infographics, charts, slides, pictures and other graphics for clients at competitive rates. Godot Media will be using latest software and techniques to create visual content that is bound to grab eye-balls. “We are aware that visual content can never replace textual content but it can help clients improve their content marketing campaigns. With our visual content creation services, companies can also repurpose their existing textual content in an attractive manner.” added the company spokesperson.

Godot Media will only be launching Infographics, pictures, charts and similar graphics creation services in the next quarter and video content creation will not be a part of its services. Although visual content creation services offered by the company are highly affordable, there will be no compromise on quality. Each graphic will be informative, relevant, stunning and tailor-made for the unique needs of each client.

Visual content has many advantages over textual content and it can provide the promotional boost that any growing company needs. Visual content is more memorable and gets the message across to customers quicker. It also promotes customer engagement and is known to improve web traffic rates. Companies can also present often boring data in the form of Infographics and charts to not only make the data more attractive but also more easy-to-digest. Visual content can act as billboard ads for a brand on the Internet and is a very effective branding and advertising tool.

Brands can place their logos on the Infographics and other visual content, which are always displayed whenever the content gets shared. This way, companies do not have to worry about others ripping off their visual content. Most importantly, visual content is highly suited for social media platforms. Facebook and Google+ have made changes to their websites to give more importance to visual content. To improve brand awareness via social media platforms, companies must be able to create visual content that looks great when shared on social media websites.

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Godot Media is a leading provider of content and social media marketing solutions with a client base spanning more than 20 countries. The company is a best known for its high-impact, high-quality services that it offers to small businesses.

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Godot Media is a quality content writing services provider - offers all kinds of content creation services including SEO writing, blog and article writing, website content writing, social media writing and copywriting.

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