Dicks Rise Again 

Dicks of America has been resurrected to preserve, protect, and promote the name Dick

by Dick Powers Wednesday, June 26, 2013
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Dicks rise again
Dicks of America has been resurrected to preserve, protect, and promote the name of Dick

Portland, Oregon – Dick Powers, an original member of the 1980’s organization known as Dicks of America (DOA), has reformed the club…in order to “preserve, protect, and promote” the name of Dick. Along with a core group of founding members, Powers has put together a social media network that includes a Facebook page, a Twitter network, a Youtube channel, and a web site that defines the goals of DOA.
“We had a lot of fun when we first started DOA…did a lot to promote what we think is the greatest name in the world. We retired our effort when we had substantially raised the stature of Dicks across the country. However, it seems lately, that Dicks have been limping along, getting little respect in our culture and the media. While we admit our name is a four-letter-word, we’d prefer it not be used as one!”
One of the goals of DOA is to make Dick a popular name again. Currently it sits at number 916 on the list of names to give your baby boy. Powers and company would like to see Dicks surge to number one…but will settle for 915!
“We intend to make Dicks rise in popularity all across the land…and have a good time doing it! We’re not afraid to laugh at ourselves…as long as we can get the rest of the country to enjoy Dicks as much as we enjoy being them!”
If you are a Dick, Richard, Rick, or even just a Dick at Heart…DOA urges you to join their ranks at www.dicksofamerica.org. DOA membership is free…just one of the many benefits to being known as a Dick!

Dicks of America is an organization dedicated to making Dick the most beloved name in America. We work toward the advancement of the finest name on the planet and have a ball doing it! Let''s face it...if you are named Dick, you might as well enjoy it! If you are named Dick, Richard, Rich, Rick...or are just a Dick at Heart...join Dicks of America!

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