Wizards, Witches and Wolves, Harmless Fantasy or Supernatural Suicide? 

by Daniel Dunkley Thursday, May 02, 2013
1Tribe Media a media production company based in Scotland UK, this week launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a graphic novel that they say will teach children the difference between supernatural power that brings life and supernatural power that brings death.

Daniel Dunkley Co-founder of the company says “Growing up I had various supernatural encounters some were great but some were terrifying. The supernatural realm is real but there are two realms and one brings life and one brings death”. He continues “ Due to a lack of understanding regarding the realm of the supernatural many authors, TV companies and film makers are releasing media content which unfortunately is deeply rooted in the occult therefore unknowingly bringing harm into the lives of the children they are seeking to serve. Our vision is to bring much needed insight into this area so that we can not only bring understanding regarding how to steward the supernatural but also to help parents steer their children away from opening themselves up to bad supernatural powers and embrace the power that will bring positive results in their and their children’s lives.” Dunkley says “ I searched along time for answers to help me understand what was happening to me and I finally found them in the Bible, it explained about the two realms and the positive or harmful effects that can come from either source.”

Linda Dunkley also a Co-founder in the business, former stunt woman and Ofsted Registered Childminder states “Being British I think we understand the truth of supernatural power our whole heritage is stuffed with people that we have honoured because of the power of God released through their lives. Take for example the Apostle Paul he healed the sick and raised the dead everywhere he went and is part of the reason he is honoured as the patron of London. St Patrick, another person famous for walking in supernatural power that changed people’s lives to such a degree that we still honour him today. As a nation we have experienced many revivals and movings of God’s supernatural power, the Welsh Revival, the Hebridean Revival, the Weslyan Revival the initiator of which “John Wesley” is still remembered outside the Museum of London today. Yes we understand supernatural power however sadly we have also forgotten the great teachings that these honoured fathers brought us regarding the boundaries in the supernatural and have sadly crossed over the line and embraced powers that are bringing devastation to many people’s lives.”

“Yes” agrees Dan “and we hope that people will get behind us so that we can help them step into their God given right to walk in true supernatural power that will change their lives for the good”

To contact 1 Tribe Media or for further details regarding their kickstarter campaign please got to their website http://www.1tribemedia.com

1Tribe Media is a media production company based in Scotland UK that seeks to create media content that brings life to the people that read or watch it. We currently produces graphic novels and online media content with a long term aim of producing animated films. Formed in 2012 by Daniel Dunkley a qualified animator and illustrator and Linda Dunkley a former stunt woman and media business woman, they desire to bring much needed education regarding the supernatural aspects of media content that is currently in the market place today and help guide people to make media content choices that will impact their lives positively rather than negatively.

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