Tips to Help with Calabasas Rodent Control and Insects 

by Sam Karbelnig Wednesday, March 06, 2013
RESEDA, CA - Spring and summer are key times for many species of rats and insects to nest and build colonies. Woodland Hills pest control professional, Sam Karbelnig, owner of Facility Pest Control, offers advice for preventing problems. He notes that removal of rats and long-term rodent control are jobs for professionals, but these simple steps can help keep insects outdoors.

1- Repair tears in door, window, and porch screens.
2- Keep kitchens and break rooms clean. Sweep crumbs from under appliances, counters and garbage cans. Wash dirty dishes before bed or leaving the office.
3- Seal dry foods, such as cereal and rice, in airtight containers.
4- Rinse recyclable items thoroughly. Don't let newspapers and magazines pile up and become homes for mice and bugs.
5- Remove garbage often, and keep cans clean. Wipe and sanitize inside lids as well as the bottoms.
6- Clean pet areas, as insects are attracted to a pet's food and water bowls, bedding, and litter boxes.
7- Repair leaky faucets, dishwashers and hoses, and eliminate standing water.
8- Caulk cracks in buildings, and repair weather-stripping around doors.
9- Prune trees and bushes so they don't touch buildings, and spread mulch 12 inches from the foundation. Remove woodpiles, which make homes for spiders and rodents.
Inspect utility lines, outlets and vents for cracks or openings.

These precautions will make it more difficult for rats and insects to enter, but when they do, they won't feel welcome. In Calabasas, professional insect and rodent control is easily available. Facility Pest Control offers extermination services from ant and bee control to rat removal to trapping and releasing skunks. "My passion is providing the customer service and attention clients deserve," says Karbelnig.

Those seeking pest control in Woodland Hills and surrounding areas can contact Karbelnig directly to schedule inspections or discuss treatment plans. Facility Pest Control offers a 10 percent senior discount and 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

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