Stop Scribbling on Your Dive Gear 

Fastencil is a patented ID that kit lets anyone print their name on all their dive gear with professional results. Its so easy to use a four-year-old can do it.

by John Wynne Monday, March 04, 2013
Los Angeles - Professionally print your name with Fastencil. This patented kit includes everything you need. Apply pre-made letters to the stencil template; apply paint and the results will look like your name was applied “special order” from the factory. The completed template can be rinsed and
re-used. It is so easy to do a four-year-old can actually do it.

With Fastencil, now everyone can label and protect their dive gear with style! As a bonus, it provides a safety feature – your name can be seen and read underwater. It takes just a few minutes to setup and print the first name. Subsequent names can be done in seconds. One kit easily personalizes a dozen or more scuba items such as: wet suits, BCD’s, tanks, snorkels, fins, booties, gear bags, hoods, weight bags, and more – with perfect results.

Fastencil gives all the benefits of silkscreen and embroidery without the cost, hassles or limitations. It easily personalizes all your scuba gear with expert results and it’s just fun to use- over and over again.

This novel invention was created by John Wynne, a California photographer, teacher, chiropractor and now inventor. Wynne said he was “driven to make it so user-friendly and so forgiving of mistakes that anyone could do it perfectly with expert results.” Asked if he was satisfied that he had accomplished that goal, Wynne said emphatically, “ Yes! Especially when I saw my four-year-old granddaughter use it perfectly the first time she tried it!” See video:

The Fastencil kit includes: dozens of ˝ inch stencil letters; two stencil holders, paint, applicator and simple directions. The paint comes in your choice of white, blue, yellow, silver, neon pink, or neon orange. It stretches, is permanent, and waterproof. It works on all fabric, neoprene, and most plastic and metal articles.

Fastencil sells in dive stores for around $12.95. It is distributed exclusively through Trident Dive and is available for immediate shipping. To order contact Trident Dive at or 1-818-998-7518 For more info, photos, biography, Q&A sheet, or interview, contact: John Wynne at or call 714-894-2225.

John Wynne, Chiropractor, teacher, photographer, inventor

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