Fitness Q & A with Ron Kardashian 

Author of Getting in Shape God’s Way: 4 Keys to Making Any Diet or Fitness Plan Work

by Diane Morrow Thursday, April 23, 2009
Q: On paper, the idea of losing weight seems pretty simple—eat the right things and exercise to burn more calories. Why is it so difficult for many of us to actually do the right things to become healthy?

A: Have you ever wondered why you don’t do what you want to do? And why you do what you don’t want to do? Those unwanted behaviors come from root causes—the lies and deceptions you bought into as you were growing up. Revelation from God gives you wisdom and understanding to see the evil root and to identify the lies and deception that established it. Through revelation, you can learn to believe what God says about you and be transformed; however, I don’t want to sugarcoat the process. Getting to the root cause of your problem can be costly, involving a huge ordeal. Sometimes the price you pay for God’s truth is sifting through painful memories and facing all your worst fears. But in order to get your body in shape, you first must get your heart and mind in shape. One of the ways you do that is by choosing to immerse yourself in truth. Read it. Meditate on it. Believe it. And live it. That is how you receive revelation about who you really are and what God wants to accomplish in you and through you.

Q: How is Getting in Shape God’s Way different from other weight loss or fitness plans?

A: My passion in life is to see others succeed in becoming the healthy, happy, and productive people God created them to be. The keys to getting in shape God’s way were learned in the crucible of personal suffering—mine. Through years of my own personal health struggles as a child and as a youth, I began to pursue answers to my desperation. I had become fed up with gimmicks and scams promoted by all forms of the media promising to make me a perfectly fit person. I was desperate enough to realize that I did not need a “quick-fix” remedy for my unhealthy state. I needed a complete lifestyle transformation. As I searched for the answers I needed, God gave me four simple keys, which I call neglected secrets, to making everything else—proper nutrition, exercise, and other healthy principles—really work. That is why I can attest to their effectiveness in transforming a life that was bent on self-destructive behavior into a life that is purposeful, happy, and, most of all, healthy. The first client to prove to me that getting in shape God’s way works was me! Since I have become a personal trainer, I have spent thousands of hours with clients over the past decade, sharing the four keys to health that changed my life.
They are:
• Revelation—fitness beliefs—let go of the lies, and invade your spirit with the real
• Declaration—fitness words—speak the right words to influence your mind, volition, and emotions
• Application—fitness function—infuse healthy activity for your whole person
• Manifestation—fitness lifestyle—increase your quality of life: spirit, soul, and body

Q: Where did you discover the principles of Getting in Shape God’s Way? Who are they for?

A: The basic principles of these health secrets are not mine or a doctor’s or even a professor’s. These practical guidelines for a healthy lifestyle are based in the truth of the Bible, one of the oldest manuscripts in existence, which has proved its effectiveness in the lives of billions of people. Whether or not you believe that God exists, you can dare to put your hope and faith in the time-tested principles that have empowered people through the ages to succeed in life. This is first of all a “why-to” and then a “how-to” handbook to lasting success in living an abundantly healthy lifestyle.

Q: Was Getting in Shape God’s Way intended to replace other diet and fitness plans?

A: No, it wasn’t. There are some great weight loss and fitness programs out there, and Getting in Shape God’s Way is a great companion resource for people who are already enrolled in one of those programs. The four keys really will make any diet or fitness program work.

Q: The first key to Getting in Shape God’s Way is revelation, a way of purging the lies we have believed and letting reality invade our spirits. Why do you say “we become what we believe”?

A: If you believe you are worthless, ugly, inferior, or any number of other negative personal image “realities,” you will continually act out those roles because of your self-perception. The source of this “virtual reality” inside of you may be parents, teachers, peers, or your own ideas of yourself gained, perhaps, from comparing yourself to others. Those beliefs that form your own self-image are powerful forces that will drive you to become what you believe. You may try to cover up the belief system you are carrying inside, compensating with acceptable outward behavior. Yet, those powerful (though irrational) beliefs will ultimately govern your life, your decisions, and your emotional and mental health. They will also ultimately affect your physical health in devastating ways. Your future is determined by what you perceive as real. Getting in Shape God’s Way is a journey toward what is real. God’s Word promises that those who seek to know Him will enjoy health and find “straight paths” for their lives. Many of us have been deceived into consuming substitutes for the real thing in our pursuit of health and happiness.

Q: One of the four keys to Getting in Shape God’s Way is declaration. Why do the words we speak have such a powerful influence on our lives?

A: The brain was magnificently formed to process words and then direct the mouth to speak words that would transform us and our world into living a life that is heaven on earth. The health of your mind—and your brain—depends on the words you feed it. You can feed it positive or negative words by reading, by hearing, or by speaking. Unfortunately, the world you live in says, “Skirt the truth, deny it, or just get what you want. Instant gratification is what will make you happy.” There is an ancient truth, as told in Scripture: “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” (John 8:32) Freedom is not free; it requires you to make the right choices to embrace the truth and release the power of God into your life.

Q: In discussing the importance of our spoken words (declarations), you point out that “what you say is what you eat.” How does that work?

A: When your mouth reaches the point where you are speaking only good things about your body, numerous changes will take place. The most astonishing change you will experience is a change of appetite. This happens particularly as you identify the foods that are not good for you and those that are, and then speak accordingly. For example, you will say, “No, I do not desire to eat that bag of potato chips—yuck! I want to eat a beautiful salad with all kinds of fresh veggies, tomatoes, and a really great tasting dressing on it.” You may be amazed to learn that as you declare these kinds of statements over your body, your taste buds will change. Your appetite will change. This happens because your brain has changed the way it thinks about food, and it is sending messages to your body that will change the way you feel about food.

Q: In the book, you talk about the Law of Attraction. In a sense, in declaring the blessings you desire for your life and body, you attract those things. On the flip side, if you speak negative declarations about yourself or others, the creative power in those words has an equally devastating effect. What are some of the most common statements people make which unleash negative momentum in their lives?

A: Here are some of the ideas I hear most often:
• I was born this way, and my parents were built like this, so my problem is genetic.
• I have slow metabolism.
• No matter how hard I try, it never works. I can’t seem to lose weight.
• I’m just not attractive.
• I hate exercise!

If any of those statements or similar statements have come out of your mouth, put them on your blacklist from now on! Perhaps you are reaping the fruit of the negative words you have spoken. There is only one thing to do. Change the way you speak.

BIO: Ron Kardashian is a fitness expert with over a decade of experience and an ordained minister committed to helping humanity, Kardashian has logged over 11,000 hours of one-on-one consulting in the realm of physical fitness and life development/coaching. The amazing results of this integrated, holistic approach have made him a powerful voice for worldwide. Kardashian is a certified strength and conditioning coach and has been nominated as Personal Trainer of the Year two consecutive times. His new book, Getting in Shape God’s Way: 4 Keys to Making Any Diet or Fitness Plan Work, offers clear, direct answers to the problems that keep us enslaved to our unhealthy habits.

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Diane Morrow is Vice President of Publicity for The B&B Media Group based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

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