Costa Rica Jungle Tours 

by Russ Richardson Wednesday, August 24, 2011
Hello fellow nature lovers. Are you traveling to Costa Rica soon, jungle tours should be on your list to do. Since I love the primary rainforest and my fellow nature enthusiasts, I have decided to write a few good things to know before you take your expedition.

1. Donít put your hands on trees when hiking! Donít rest against a tree! Various species of ants have painful bites and are always near. Ants are by far the biggest nuisance to people in the jungle, and much like other things in life you never forget your first time. HA HA. If you are traveling with a child make sure you keep your eyes open, and remember there are plenty of other critters in the jungle with exceptional camouflage. Enjoy the beauty and donít be surprised.

2. Donít worry about spiders too much. They just look mean down there. We have much more dangerous venomous spiders in our own backyards in the US. Hard to believe but true.

3. Horseflies are not endangered! Take them out if they land on you. You donít want to be their dinner. I have not had too much of a problem with them in Costa Rica but they are there and you should be aware.

4. Donít be afraid to be first in line. In my experience itís the third or fourth person that usually wakes up whatever is sleeping, the first person is past by then. Most all animals in the jungle would rather create some distance when noticing people in their habitat. The Fur de Lance is the only poisonous snake with a generally upset disposition in Costa Rica. This snake looks like a Rattlesnake without the rattle to me which is easy for us Americans to identify. More than likely you will not even see one. Trust me I look for them.

5. Good shoes or boots are a must! As you might imagine after reading #4, I use ankle high boots when hiking. Some protection is nice to have just in case youíre not paying attention to everything on the forest floor. Good deep tread is highly recommended. The top few inches of the jungles soil is very slick. Tennis shoes are not recommended. Trust me I have used them, it leads to wet feet and a lot of slipping. You may even be able to find a cheap pair of army surplus jungle boots online.

6. I never use insect repellant, but I do recommend it for first time expeditioners. Buy it before you go on your trip as it will most likely be overpriced when youíre at your expedition launch point, if even available.

7. Rivers are the superhighways of the jungle. The best way to get deep into untouched areas are by river. Whether you are whitewater rafting or cruising on a small boat. Rivers are by far the best way to access a good jump off point to begin an expedition. You always get an awesome adventure on the way as well when taking a river. The Rio Paquare is a great one in Costa Rica. Itís located near Limon.

8. Use Caution near fruit trees! Fruit drops on the ground, rodents eat the fruit, and snakes eat the rodent. This makes fruit trees one of my favorite places to look for snakes and other predators if you get the idea. Ha ha. Pay attention when you see fruit trees. Youíre not the only one who enjoys that delicious fruit!

Well I hope these few simple tips will help you to better enjoy the pristine virgin rainforests of Costa Rica. Some of the most beautiful life and views are hidden here. It just takes an adventurous soul to find them. When deciding which of the many Costa Rica Vacations to chose from, I hope you will consider taking an Eco Trip.

Find the explorer in yourself!

Pura Vida!


Travel Consultant and experienced traveler, Living in Costa Rica and United States for many years.

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