Red Dragon's Electric Cigarettes Help Budgets 

Electric cigarettes from Red Dragon provide a smoking option that nearly always saves customers money compared to the traditional smoking methods.

by Nick Evans Thursday, November 25, 2010
GOODYEAR, AZ - Red Dragon, the electric cigarettes premier manufacturer, is proud to provide products that not only allow customers to enjoy a non-offensive smoking experience -- but also save a substantial amount of money during these difficult economic times.

Traditional smoking alternatives are available, but the cost can be very high and the experience not remotely pleasurable. Once the original investment is made in purchasing items needed for electronic cigarette smoking, the cost of continuing the electric smoking experience is greatly reduced in comparison to the prices of traditional smoking products.There are Red Dragon calculators available on the site to help customers determine how much they can save.

At one cigarette pack daily, at a cost of $5, the savings each year would be approximately $730. This savings for customers can be used to pay off debt, build a savings account or enhance household budgets in other ways.
True, customers could spend a great amount of money on electric cigarettes, but that is not necessary. "We offer very high quality electronic cigarettes that will not destroy your budget," says Red Dragon spokesperson Nick Evans. Customers may receive a refund within 30 days if they are not happy with the kits. Additionally, Red Dragon provides a one year warranty on manufacturer defects.

The unique electric cigarette products make it possible to smoke anywhere, even indoors - with no offensive smoke or odor. These electronic cigarettes do not contain tobacco, tar, smoke, or any of the toxic chemicals in cigarette smoke. Electronic cigarettes are designed with a microchip, sensor and atomizing circuit. The circuit activates upon inhalation, and vaporizes a nicotine and flavor solution in the electric cigarette cartridge. The fine vapor mist provides the sensation and taste of smoking – yet it is smokeless. The vapor evaporates in seconds. Red Dragon electric cigarette cartridges last longer and produce more smoke than other brands. Cartridges usually last about the same as 10 to 20 regular cigarettes, but at a great cost savings. Smokers have a choice of flavors and nicotine strengths.

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About Red Dragon
Offering one of the best electric cigarettes, Red Dragon is dedicated to helping ordinary people who want a high-quality alternative to tobacco. Electronic cigarettes allow smokers to smoke wherever they want and helps the non-smokers around them avoid inhaling tobacco cigarette smoke.

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Offering one of the best electric cigarettes on the market, Red Dragon is dedicated to helping ordinary people who want a high-quality, non-toxic alternative to tobacco.

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