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What's the real deal with 2012 though? What are some of the prophecies that are floating around and is anything really going to happen? Read on to learn about some of the alleged 2012 prophecies to see if there's any truth to the rumors. First 2012 Prophecy: The world is going to end. This is a w

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21 December 2012 is the exact date of this alignment.

Do you want to be part of London 2012 Olympics? The number of jobs generated by the games will simply be huge with many firms already recruiting staff. This is a widely held belief that in 2012, after the end of the Mayan calendar, the world is going to end through some catastrophic disaster. As far as any scientist or astrologist can tell this is completely false and the transition to 2012 will be just like any other new year. However, no scientists can understand how the Mayans themselves were able to get such an accurate grasp of the universe around us by charting stars and the movement of planets. Till to this day scientists are boggled by their accute understanding of earth's place in our galaxy.

Second 2012 Prophecy: The end of the Mayan calendar signals a switch in consciousness. Depending on who you ask and what you choose to believe this may or may not be true. The Mayan calendar ends in 2012 but it also starts again, just like our calendar. Whether or not there is a real consciousness shift will depend on the events near or around the new year of 2012. Scary even more to believe, is the research that has been done on human consciousness. Researchers have found that the human bodies own electromagnetic field zeros out when one has an out of body experience. They have also found that our electromagnetic field is directly influenced by the earths... so, one can only wonder, what would happen to our consciousness in the event of a complete polar shift? Scientists are already finding that the earth's magnetic field is decreasing, hinting that a polar reversal may be near...

Third 2012 Prophecy: The Mayans accurately predicted other important events. This is up for debate and the jury is definitely out on this. A lot of people say that the Mayans have successfully predicted other important events like the reign of Nazi Germany and so forth, but so did many other people, and it's usually in very vague terms that aren't that specific and can be applied to many other large events.

Subaru's smart compact Impreza is being updated and will be released in Fall 2011 for the 2012 model year. Available in four door sedan and five door hatchback, the all-wheel-drive Impreza offers impressive handling, a decent ride and if forecasts for the upcoming model year are correct, exceptional fuel economy.

Smallest Subaru

The Impreza is the smallest model sold by Subaru, a niche maker of all-wheel-drive cars. Every model Subaru makes is powered by all four wheels, giving its vehicles an edge that few other vehicles have. That edge, however, comes at a slight price premium and reduction in fuel economy, the latter though not as pressing an issue for 2012.

Indeed, Subaru estimates that the 2012 Impreza will deliver 36 mpg highway, about the same amount delivered by some of its front-wheel-drive competitors including the Toyota Corolla, Volkswagen Jetta and Chevolet Cruze.

Global Debut

The 2012 Subaru Impreza makes its global debut at the New York International Auto Show in April and will be built in Japan. Subaru production has been curtailed since a March 11 earthquake and tsunami affected a slice of the country, but the Impreza's introduction isn't expected to be delayed.

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