Premiere Tree Services of Atlanta Urges Importance of Proper Tree Identification 

Ever wondered while walking in a garden which trees are you surrounded with? What is shocking is that most take them for granted.

by Seth  Persily Saturday, November 20, 2010
Ever wondered while walking in a garden which trees are you surrounded with? What is shocking is that most take them for granted. The fact of the matter is that trees are one of the most precious parts of our environment. And in order to protect and save our environment it is critical to know the trees, to understand their needs and to care for them accordingly. Come join us at our tree identification workshop and get to know our long ignored friend.

Like humans, trees have names too and until we know the names of trees, our interest and appreciation for these beautiful and majestic plants is truly hampered. As Atlanta tree service professionals, we know that to learn all species in a day is not possible -- just in United States there are around 700 tree species. All these species have both common and scientific names. For instance Names like oak, maple, and walnut are the common names for the genera Quercus, Acer, and Juglans, respectively. Our workshop is designed to help you learn to identify "your trees”, understand the various characteristic features of a tree — overall shape and height; leaf shape, type, size and vein pattern; branch pattern; bark topography; twig and bud arrangement; and more.

Practice is the key to identify trees. We will teach you tricks to identify trees but you will have to step out into your backyard or a garden near your home and use those tricks to try and identify the type of trees. The bulk of your tree-identification education will be self-taught as you will discover along the way. For additional study we will recommend books and websites that offer both interactive and easy learning at the workshop. In the start limit yourself to learning those trees that are found in your area.

The purpose of this workshop is not to load you with information about all the species in the World but it is to stimulate interest in you to learning some of the more common deciduous trees found in our region. It is intended to aid in the fundamentals of identification and increase your appreciation of the beautiful trees that so richly enhance our lives.
For further information regarding our “knowing our trees” workshop, please contact Premiere Tree Services of Atlanta at (404) 369-1149, or at 1401 Peachtree Street, Suite 500, Atlanta, GA 30309.

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