Embassy of Sudan: Doha, the Irreversible Road to Comprehensive Peace and Stability in Sudan 

We urge the international community and any country that may wield leverage to pressure the uncompromising rebel groups to come to the table and help forge the path towards peace in Sudan

by Impact Wire Wednesday, February 18, 2009
A milestone has been reached in preliminary discussions launched Tuesday in Doha between the Sudanese Government and the Justice and Equality Movement, where parties have committed themselves to establishing a clear roadmap that would lead to further negotiations, effectively paving the way for a sustainable peace in Darfur and in the country. Success would vindicate the calls and efforts of those who have long argued that a political solution is the only viable option for ending the conflict.

Mediated by Qatar, endorsed and supported by the United Nations, African Union and the Arab League, these talks are to promptly enter the next phase where parties will propose concrete terms and envisage modalities and mechanisms for moving forward. Foremost in these opening discussions were the cessation of hostilities and the exchange of Prisoners of War, two issues on which both parties have in principle agreed on, pending a clear outline or a methodology of implementation that would be provided by the Qatari mediators. Both parties have thus far expressed satisfaction and consider the step a significant progress. And as a positive gesture, they have resolved to expediently conclude the negotiations within a remarkable timeframe of three months in Doha, Qatar.

These talks have been lauded as a breakthrough and are perceived to have a significant impact on the prevailing political and social atmosphere in the country. Although JEM is the primary rebel group, future discussions are in fact meant to include all existing rebel groups in Darfur, where, in the presence of the international community, all would voice individual concerns and grievances as part and parcel in this comprehensive peace process. For, after all, ultimate success lies in the participation of all stakeholders; that includes all the rebels, the civil society and the people of Sudan.

Yet despite all the optimism the talks received internationally, some rebels are intent on obstructing any positive efforts made towards peace in the country. While the rest of the country is taking strides towards peace, they are out soliciting and lobbying for arms so they can continue carrying out atrocities against civilians in Darfur. We call on the rank and file of those rebels who aren't on board to pressure their leaders to come to the table or join the talks on their own behalves as every single individual is crucial to building peace. Sudan demands the constructive engagement of those countries that are harboring some of these rebels and from whose soil directives are sent out to carry out violence against civilians.

We urge the international community and any country that may wield leverage to pressure the uncompromising rebel groups to come to the table and help forge the path towards peace in Sudan. With the rest of the world, the U.S. needs to recognize and support the Doha peace talks, encouraging all non signatory groups of the Darfur Peace Agreement (DPA) to participate. Abstention at the talks would only delay achieving peace in Darfur, prolong suffering, increase instability, violence and dependence on foreign aid. The Sudanese people greatly appreciate the efforts of the Qatari people, together with the United Nations, the African Union, the Arab League and the Islamic conference Organization. It is crucial for success that the world rallies behind these efforts to put an end to the crisis and bring peace to our citizens in Darfur. Peace building is where focus should be and not on anything else that seeks to obscure its quest.

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