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The Jump Manual program by Jacob Hiller is one of the most popular vertical jump programs today. In this Jump Manual review we will take a quick look at the pros and cons of this vertical jump program and discover if it it really for you or not. So what exactly is the Jump Manual? Developed by

by Art Heath Sunday, May 15, 2011
So, you want to know "How to increase vertical"?

How to increase your vertical, how to jump higher basketball are always a question. There are some key factors which improves the vertical leap. Those key factors are player's form, flexibility vertical training and balance. There are sports professional who has taken out a formula out of polymeric boxes, basketball weight training and proper intake of nutrition to improve your vertical jump.

There are some jumping exercises also which helps in jumping higher and increase your vertical but some of those exercise only target leg muscles. However, this is not the correct approach to achieve a increase jumping. If you would like to increase your vertical jumping, you should need to work out your whole body, not just your legs muscles.

To workout the whole body it is also very important to know the exercises to increase vertical and stretch properly to gain your body's maximum potential. If you don't do stretch with proper directions then you may end up with the muscles injuries. So following a strength training routines will not only let you muscles perform at their peak potential while stretching but also you will be also away from injuries.

Jump Manual has such a potential that it challenges to players to try the program and if this program doesn't helps then Jacob, owner of the Jump Manual Program, is ready to give double money back guarantee. He is so confident about his program otherwise nobody gives you a double money back guarantee.

Jump Manual guarantees, you'll get extra inches in your vertical jumps. The majority of other programs simply isolates one training method whether it is dunk training, quickness training, training for basketball, weight training for basketball, speed training etc. and consequently misses out on the enormous benefit of a comprehensive multi-faceted training approach.

Increasing your Vertical: In nearly every major sport, being able to lift off and get high can provide a serious advantage. Increasing your vertical jump can offer a substantial advantage over the competition, even allowing the less altitude inclined to get higher than they ever imagined before. But increasing your vertical isn't easy. It's hard to know what exercises will really show results and its hard to know how hard to press yourself. Well, increasing your vertical just became easier with the Jump Manual. But this Jump Manual review will hopefully clue you into what you can and cannot realistically expect from the Jump Manual and any other program. Regardless of the results this program really produces, its creator, Jacob, has the credentials to deserve serious consideration. He has worked with high school, college, NBA and Olympic athletes and spent more time refining his workout techniques than the average trainer. But a pretty resume doesn't entail a quality product, what you want is results. And to be honest, Jump Manual really does deliver. In this reviewer's opinion, Jump Manual is just about as good as it gets for Vertical training programs.

Benefits of the Program: The Jump Manual offers a number of pretty nice benefits. The program comes with full workout charts, making it easy to track your workouts and your performance. You get a full set of videos that show you how to do each and every exercise.

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