Premier Firearms Dealer Class 3 Weapons now offers the Bushmaster ACR Coyote Basic Carbine Firearm 

Houston, TX - Class 3 Weapons announced recently they are now offering the brand new Bushmaster Firearms ACR (Adaptive Combat Rifle). The Bushmaster firearms ACR will be made available 5.56 NATO. Numerous Bushmaster ACR models will be offered and brought to market as quickly as they come in. “The

by Richard Northburg Saturday, May 14, 2011
Houston, TX - Class 3 Weapons announced today they are currently delivering the new Bushmaster Firearms (ACR) (Adaptive Combat Rifle). The Bushmaster firearms ACR will be made available 5.56 NATO. A variety of other Bushmaster ACR versions definitely will be available and delivered to sell as quickly as they are available.

“The ACR is a incredible chance to make available to the public a fantastic product thru the power team efforts of Magpul along with Bushmaster fireams. This is a incredibly exciting stage in the progress and evolution of Bushmaster’s ever increasing product line.”

The Masada plan was started from the start in Boulder, Colorado by Magpul’s Design Group. The original Masada concept was first revealed openly at Shot Show and the ACRs popularity prompted Magpul to devote a year improving the product for manufacturing.

While in developement of the Masada Magpul recognized that they needed to obtain a industry partner who shared the comparable vision and could push production at a perfect volume while not sacrificing high quality. Magpul entertained a variety of concepts and offers, but in the end, a partnership with Bushmaster was the practical choice. Their manufacturing capabilities, distribution network, and brand name were the best match for the target of getting this weapon into civilian, law enforcement, and military hands.

The end result of the relationship involving Magpul and Bushmaster was the ACR (Adaptive Combat Rifle) which keeps the fundamentals of the Masada principle with additional advanced capabilities such as firing pin block and true ambidextrous charging handle.

The ACR is offered now at Class 3 Weapons for nationwide distribution direct to the general public at a sizeable price savings. When your purchase is made, Class 3 Weapons will ship straightaway to the your area gun dealer for NICS verification and ultimate delivery.

Among the ACR’s key attributes are a gas piston operating system, tool-less fast change barrel, multi-adjustable folding stock with integrated storage, and backward compatibility with a number of AR15/M16 parts. Due to similar operating controls, user transition from the M16 series of weapons is easily facilitated with minimal re-training.

Class 3 Weapons is actively selling the most widespread models which include the; Standard Carbine with fixed stock, Entry Carbine with folding stock, and Special Purpose Rifle with Precision Rifle Stock.

About Class 3 Weapons...

Class 3 Weapons is a main firearms dealer of AR15/M16 type weapons in the United States for Law Enforcement, Public and Private Security and Safety applications, as well as consumer use. Headquartered in Houston, Texas. Class 3 Weapons also sells Rock River Arms, POFUSA, Larue Tactical and LWRCI tactical firearms.


Class 3 Weapons
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